Premier Foods – Plasticom Case Study

In the manufacturing industry, the need to source specific parts can sometimes present unexpected challenges. This case study explores a situation where a company facing difficulties in finding a discontinued part from a previous supplier sought the expertise of Plasticom, an injection mould and toolmaking company in Kent.

Premier Foods, a manufacturing firm in Kent, encountered an issue when they wanted to resource the part from the previous manufacturer. This company had gone out of business and the tooling for this part was lost. As a result, Premier Foods, which had not purchased this part for a decade, needed to find a reliable alternative.

Engaging Plasticom

Seeking a solution, Premier Foods approached Plasticom, a renowned plastic engineering company known for its reverse engineering expertise and injection parts manufacturing. Plasticom took immediate action to assess the feasibility of the project.

The Process
  1. Sample collection and application analysis: Plasticom requested a parts sample to understand their design and functionality. They carefully examined the application of the conveyor slats to gain comprehensive insights into their purpose and performance.
  2. Reversed engineering and 3D printing: Plasticom initiated the reverse engineering process using the samples and information gathered. Skilled engineers analysed the part’s dimensions, geometry and material properties. From this analysis, a 3D part was created, allowing Premier Foods to conduct trials and assess its performance.
  3. Tool manufacturing and testing: Once the 3D sample was approved, Plasticom manufactured the new mould tool. The tool was manufactured and tested on-site, ensuring the quality and specifications met the customer’s requirements.
  4. Production and delivery: Upon final approval of injection moulded samples, Plasticom commenced production of the conveyor slat. During the manufacturing, Plasticom maintained regular updates on the progress. Finally, the parts were delivered within the agreed timeframe.
Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Premier Foods and Plasticom yielded several positive outcomes:

  1. Seamless integration: The newly manufactured parts seamlessly fit into the production line without any issues. They have been successfully running for several months, proving their reliability.
  2. Enhanced durability and fit: During the redesign phase, Plasticom made valuable suggestions, resulting in a more durable and better-fitting part than the original. This improvement contributes to the overall performance of the production line.
  3. Effective communications and timely delivery: Plasticom’s commitment to transparent communication allowed Premier Foods to stay informed about the project’s progress. This ensured that the parts were delivered on time, minimising disruption to the manufacturing process.

We approached Plasticom to assist on our quest; from that moment, the whole process was effortless. Due to the suggestions made during the redesign phase, they created a more durable and better fitting than the original part. I highly recommend Plasticom for all your plastic needs”, Steve Baird – Reliability Performance Improvement Engineer – Premier Foods.

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