Recyclable and Sustainable: LATIECO

Following the guidelines of sustainability and the market demands, LATI today offers the LATIECO family of compounds, also inspired by the great technical standards of LATI’s product portfolio, yet made using up to 100% resins obtained from chemical and mechanical recycling.

In every industrial sector, the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability require a serious commitment to reducing the impact on the environment of industrial products and processes.

In this perspective, after metals, paper and glass, plastics are finally experiencing a serious and structured approach to waste sorting and recycling. Not only the simplest polymers, such as PP and PET, for which recycling processes have been in place for some time but also more sophisticated engineering polymers such as PA6 and PA66, PPS, PPA and PEEK are now involved in enhancement operations through the recovery and recycling of post-industrial scrap and post-consumer waste.

As usual with LATI, the LATIECO compounds delivered to the market are sophisticated compounds for technical use, reinforced and self-extinguishing, formulated starting from recycled base resins, therefore with a reduced carbon footprint.

Among the first grades made available to LATI customers, of course, are self-extinguishing compounds, starting with the halogen-free intumescent versions. Boasting the RTI yellow paper, the LATIECO 62 CR H2 G/20 and G/30-V2HF compounds are the first LATI products certified by UL that are made using PA6 obtained from chemical recycling. The performance of LATIECO 62 CR highlights how chemical recycling, from which the basic polymer comes, does not affect in any way either the mechanical or the flame retardant properties of the materials. A careful compounding process makes it possible to obtain materials that can be fairly assimilated into those produced from virgin resins.

The same knowledge also applies to resins obtained from mechanical recycling that can be mixed with virgin polymers: the LATIECO compounds based on self-extinguishing PA66 with red phosphorus, such as the LATIECO 66 MR H2 G/25-V0KB3 and the halogen-free LATIECO 66 MR H2 G/25-V0HF1, are formulated in this way.

Finally, it is important to highlight that LATI3Dlab is developing a whole range of LATIECO compounds suitable for 3D printing from mechanically recycled PC and PETG.

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