Registration Opens for Plastics Live

Taking place in Coventry from July 5-6, 2022, Plastics Live (incorporating Industry 4.0 in PlasticsSustainable Plastics Live, and the 3D printing event AMPLAS) is now open for visitor registration.

Since its launch in 2021, the event has garnered huge cross-industry support, a sign that the plastics industry has been starved of a forward-looking exhibition and conference that focuses on the present and future possibilities for efficient plastic manufacturing.

The two-day event will be held at the Coventry Building Society Arena (formerly Ricoh Arena) in Coventry, the UK’s manufacturing heartland.

Plastics Live will bring the sector’s most important manufacturing themes into the spotlight. It will directly tackle the plastics-in-the-environment theme that has dominated the media recently through Sustainable Plastics Live, which will address the entire spectrum of environmental plastic issues and solutions.

The much-discussed topic of 3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM) will also be showcased under the banner of AMPLAS. This part of Plastics Live will display and help educate some of the trends in AM and will show visitors how AM and injection moulding are becoming complementary technologies.

Industry 4.0 in Plastics will demonstrate to visitors how “smart” and connected operations are revolutionising the factory shop floor — improving product quality, reducing costs, increasing process transparency, and delivering customer orders on time and right-first-time. Industry 4.0 is simply another term for preparing for the future in the most practical way possible.

Plastics Live will focus pragmatically on the options that exist for companies that are manufacturing plastic parts of any size, any level of precision, in any materials, and at any volume. The event has one key objective: to allow plastics part and component manufacturers to see all the technology solutions that exist today to get innovative products to market in a cost-effective, timely, smart, and sustainable way.

Scott ColmanPlastics Live Director, said: “Plastics Live will put the best of the plastics sector on show. We will illustrate all of the positive things that the industry is capable of and — above all — communicate how plastics can be a unique and indispensable benefit for our environment and our global society.  

“Plastics Live is for forward-thinking plastic manufacturers who are focused and committed to their future viability and profitability. Our conference and workshop sessions will offer our visitors advice on how to future-proof business, how to use technology to improve output, save energy and the environment, and create the factories of the future.”

Plastics Live is forecast to be the busiest and most innovative show for plastics manufacturers in 2022, and interested parties can register to attend free of charge HERE. The event will redefine the way business and networking is conducted for anyone who manufactures in plastics today.

Plastics Live is scheduled to run in the UK in 2022 and 2023 and will then run in Ireland in 2024. The event will enable broad-based business opportunities with movers and shakers from all parts of the plastics-based industries.

Be a part of it now and secure your place click here to register for Plastics Live today. 

Plastics Live
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