Remove Stubborn Residues with Chem-Trend Lusin® MC1718

With Lusin® MC1718, Chem-Trend has introduced a highly effective mould cleaner to its portfolio of mould maintenance products, helping plastics processors remove stubborn polymer and additive residues from metal surfaces.

Plastic processors often face the challenge of removing stubborn polymer and additive residues from metal surfaces. Chem-Trend has developed a highly active mould cleaner for this purpose, with Lusin® MC1718. The innovative technology creates a basis for efficiently cleaning the mould – both during processing and maintenance. The cleaning effect is delivered both carefully and thoroughly at the same time. The product is well-proven, having been used by a large number of customers for several years.

Lusin® MC1718, available in spray cans, is primarily used for cleaning dirty moulds and for dissolving polymer residues (e.g. polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyoxymethylene (POM), polyamides, acrylates etc.). It can also be used to safely remove polymer-based adhesives as well as glues from aluminium or steel surfaces. The solution has excellent cleaning performance in all areas of application.

Chem-Trend’s development of Lusin® MC1718 focused on improving cleaning performance. However, customers also benefit from extremely rapid action.

The product is the result of intensive research and development (R&D). Across all divisions, Chem-Trend’s goal in R&D projects is to further develop its product portfolio in such a way that customers optimise their manufacturing processes and increase productivity.

For example, one manufacturer of heavy, surface-sensitive injection moulding parts is benefitting from the use of Chem-Trend Lusin® MC1718: They were able to increase the time between the cleaning cycles by a factor of three. This means a reduction of the maintenance cycles by 60 to 70%. The reduction in scrap and maintenance resulted in cost savings of around 30%. In addition, there are 11% fewer scrap parts produced overall.

Read the full case study on the Chem-Trend website.

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