RJG Honours Flextronics Plastics and Comar with Mold Smart Award™

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RJG honoured Flextronics Plastics and Comar with the Mold Smart Award™ for their outstanding achievements in injection moulding. Celebrating a commitment to quality and efficiency, these companies exemplify excellence through innovative RJG technologies and training, leading to significant operational improvements and setting industry standards.

RJG has announced the winners of the third annual RJG Mold Smart Award™ for both Latin America and North America, celebrating injection moulding companies committed to enhancing product quality, operational efficiency, and sustainability through RJG solutions. Flextronics Plastics in Latin America and Comar in North America have been honoured for their dedication to improving their processes and training their teams to leverage RJG technology effectively.

Flextronics Plastics, this year’s Latin America winner, is celebrated for its commitment to developing its workforce and processes, empowering its team to utilise RJG technology fully. This commitment has led to increased part quality, reduced cycle times, and extended the life of injection moulding tools, significantly improving overall equipment effectiveness and reducing scrap. “Our most valuable experience is having RJG as a strategic partner,” said Jose Emmanuel Olmos Tinoco of Flextronics Plastics, emphasising the competitive advantage gained through RJG’s training and technology.

Comar, the recipient of the North America award, implemented RJG’s technology in 2020, adopting a standard process model across its global organisation. This approach has yielded consistent product quality and customer confidence, alongside an educated and knowledgeable staff. Raul Avitia, Process Engineer at Comar’s Rancho Cucamonga facility, highlighted the significant improvements in moulding processes and efficiency, including a notable reduction in defect rates as a result of RJG’s training and scientific moulding techniques.

Rob Nugent, CEO of RJG, expressed his enthusiasm for both companies’ achievements, praising their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. “Watching clients succeed and surpass their goals is why we absolutely love what we do,” said Nugent, acknowledging the impactful contributions and leadership of both Flextronics Plastics and Comar.

Flextronics Plastics has been providing manufacturing services and solutions across 30 countries for over 50 years, partnering with leading brands in various industries and committing to sustainable operational practices. Comar, a contract manufacturing partner for healthcare companies worldwide, focuses on primary packaging and dispensing products, striving for transformative plastic solutions that positively impact the world.

These awards highlight the recipients’ successful integration of RJG’s methodologies into their operations, leading to significant operational improvements and setting a standard for excellence in the injection moulding industry.

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