A Positive Outlook on the Global Injection Moulding Market

Despite challenging economic conditions around the world, Rosti Group CEO Jonas Persson has a positive view of the global plastic injection moulding market, with lots on the horizon for Rosti Group throughout 2023.

Despite the challenging economic conditions, from high energy costs, a possible recession and rising inflation, Jonas Persson is proud that Rosti’s solid foundation, combined with cutting-edge technologies and plastic injection moulding capabilities, provides a safe and reliable pair of hands for everyone.

Read Jonas’ full statement below:

Our commitment to our customers, our team and our plan, ensures Rosti maintains a forward-thinking approach to investment, enabling us to continuously evolve whilst also demonstrating the strength of our business.

2023 has plenty on the horizon for us here at Rosti Group, with plans for a new clean room in Europe and investment into an additional Innovation Centre in America.

This will benefit our current customers by allowing us to enhance our collaboration and partnerships with them, whilst supporting new customers with their injection moulding and production challenges.

Successful integration of Rosti North America

It is just over a year since our acquisition in North America, and I am pleased to say, Rosti North America has successfully amalgamated into the group.

Our customers in America are already realising the benefits of partnering with Rosti Group, from engineering expertise locally and across the globe. Plus, the Innovation Centre investment will see new rapid prototyping being introduced, cutting lead times from 4-5 weeks to just 1-2 weeks.

We are now truly a global company, providing a host of benefits to both current and potential customers across all continents. It has enhanced how we service customers wanting to move production to the US as well as US customers considering European and Asian markets.

Aside from the global perspective, I feel that the locations of the plastic injection moulding facilities within North America provide us with strength in the local markets to easily serve customers across all states.

Supply chain diversification

We are seeing a growing trend in customers wanting to diversify their supply chains, which Rosti can support, through our global footprint.

A range of factors is contributing to the relocation of production, from political uncertainty, tariffs, and supply chain disruption, as well as sustainability goals.

Localising production near markets and customers mitigates risk to supply, whilst providing cost savings and environmental efficiencies.

Forging ahead with our Investment Strategy

We are accelerating our sustainability strategy and initiatives in all sites to ensure our plastic injection moulding operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Measures to reduce energy consumption are a key priority, as injection moulding is electricity-intensive. This will help to reduce costs at times of high prices.

I am proud to share that we have developed over 20 green materials during 2022, which are now being offered to our customers. Replacing materials with green alternatives is a significant shift, which will allow businesses to transform their sustainability credentials towards achieving a circular economy.

Despite challenging market conditions around the world, Rosti Group still continues to invest in both our people and capabilities, future-proofing our business, developing a cost-efficient and stronger team, to serve our existing and potential customers.

From cutting-edge technologies, to developing the best talent, Rosti Group is ideally placed to continue leading in the injection moulding market.

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