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Join the ranks of companies already enjoying the benefits of the Sierra 57 Consult on-site plant training.

Sierra 57 Consult have to date delivered 198 onsite injection moulding training modules over the last 6 months, being recognised by the British Plastics Federation (BPF) as a leading training supplier to the UK Plastics Industry.

Launched in early 2022, the Sierra 57 Consult Onsite Training was developed in response to customer needs to upskill and further develop existing staff members, promoting staff confidence, personal career recognition and better applications in their everyday machining operations, whilst businesses continue to tackle the issues and challenges with recruiting external moulding professionals.  Upskilling existing staff and promoting / investing in a good “culture-fit” has become more and more essential to busy manufacturers who are struggling with technical staff shortages currently being felt by the UK market at a high level, and not looking to plateau out anytime soon.

Each course is adapted to your company’s environment, your mould machines, your mould tools and materials.

Benefits of Onsite Training

When delivered onsite, training courses can be tailored to site-specific tasks and applications. The training will be very relevant making learning more engaging and afterwards, new knowledge will be easy to apply on return to work.

By already working on-site, Trainees will understand site-specific safety procedures, hazards and restrictions. Operating within these surroundings should help put them at ease and promote their confidence. Operators become more comfortable and competent quicker.

Micro-learning / bite-size modular training promotes more thorough embedding one-to-one training and coursework retention before moving onto the next training phase. It is in no-one’s interest to push Trainees into further training until they have comfortable secured a 70% pass rate of existing training levels.

Further, Onsite Training is cheaper. You are not being asked to cover the overheads of operating a training centre expenses, and employees aren’t taken away from work for any longer than is necessary, so any effect on productivity is minimised.

Our Trainers can deliver training across all of your shift patterns, including nights, weekends and Bank Holidays.

Formally Recognised and Accredited Training – IOM3 Quality assured & PD Approved

Some of the standard courses that customers can capitalise on:

Module PD 1: Injection Moulding for Beginners. Duration: 4 days.

Module 1 – Health and Safety in the workplace.

Module 2 – Fundamental principles of Speed and Pressure.

Module 3 – Mould Protection.

Module 4 – Fundamental principles of Injection Moulding.

Module 10 – The Importance of Quality.

Module 11 – Simple Tooling Care and maintenance.


Module PD 2: Injection Moulding for Setters. Duration: 3 days.

Module 1 – Health and safety in the workplace.

Module E – Safe Mould Mounting.


Module PD 3: Intermediate Injection Moulding Theory. Duration 5 days.

Module 5 – The Importance of Process Monitoring.

Module 6 – Machine Design and Construction.

Module 7 – Clamp Force and Shot Weight Calculation.

Module 8 – Machine Control.

Module 9 – Moulding Faults, Causes and Remedies.

Module C – Basic Tool Design


Module PD 4: Intermediate Injection Moulding Practical. Duration 4 days.

Module A – Zero Parameter set up – Clamp End.

Module B – Zero Parameter set up – Injection End.


Module PD 5: Basic Understanding of Plastics Materials. Duration 1 days.

Module 12 – Plastic Materials 1 – Basic Material Concepts

Module 13 – Plastic Materials 2. – Polymers and Additives


Module PD 6: Advanced Understanding of Plastics Materials. Duration 4 days

Module 14 – Plastic Materials 3 – Morphology and Crystallinity

Module 15 — Plastic Materials 4 – TG and Design Influences

Module 16 – Fluid Dynamics.


Module PD 7: Advanced Injection Moulding. Duration 5 days.

Module D – Processing and Trouble Shooting.

Module 17 – The Scientific Process Set up.


Allow Sierra 57 Consult to deliver training to your Operators, Technicians & Engineers and promote your technical production & process strength.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure staff shortages and skills gaps don’t cost your business in 2022 and beyond.

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