Sierra 57 Partners with Tex Plastics to Develop Training Academy

With a focus on recruitment at its facilities, Tex Plastics has entered into a strategic partnership with Sierra 57 Consult to develop its own training academy, with tailored career pathways for plastic injection moulding training.

Injection moulding specialist, Tex Plastics, has developed several bespoke career pathway training programmes in a new strategic partnership with Sierra 57 Consult, a technical and engineering recruitment and training provider. This partnership was created to address a need within the industry, to develop and train new staff and to develop current staff, as very few people consciously think about a career in plastic injection moulding. It is hoped initiatives like the one between Tex and Sierra 57 can help to address the skills shortage within the plastics industry.

Neville Dudley and Richard Brown of Sierra 57 have worked closely with Richard Bromley and Justin Davies of Tex Plastics, conducting skills gap analyses to ascertain a long term foundation for ‘people investment, people retention.’

Multiple Roles: Suiting the Individual

There are multiple roles at Tex Plastics, and it’s about recognising which areas suit the individual staff member and their strengths. Understanding the wider work environment, the individual’s role within it, and the overall opportunities within the business have been key. The most effective training for any technician, Tex Plastics has found, comes from the training they receive within the position they hold. To have strong technical knowledge, an individual must be exposed to nearly all departments within their working environment.

Homegrown Timber: Creating Strength in Depth

By consistently exposing its people to the various skillsets within its facilities, Tex Plastics builds weaknesses into strengths over time. Working with Sierra 57, Tex Plastics has developed a complex skills matrix that outlines the needs of its different teams. Tex Plastics then uses the matrix to plan a training approach specifically tailored to each individual joining the company. As the team matures and grows, Tex has seen the benefits in people wanting to develop within the company rather than feel they need to move jobs to achieve their life goals. This benefits both the individual and the company greatly in the long term.

Rebecca Parsons pictured with Tex Plastics team
(from left to right: Richard Bromley (Processing Manager, Tex Plastics), Neville Dudley (Mould Trainer, Sierra 57 Consult), Rebecca Parson (Tex Plastics) and Kevin Payne (Operations Manager, Tex Plastics)

Within Tex Plastics Group, there are many opportunities combined with accredited training, including:

  • Logistics
  • Trainee mould setters
  • Mould technicians
  • Toolmakers
  • Mechanical fitters
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Post moulding operations
  • Quality
  • Management
  • Commercial

If you’d like to discuss bespoke training programmes for your moulding business or would like to browse the large range of training courses available, visit the Sierra 57 Consult website, or get in touch directly using the details below.

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