Sky UK Partner with Rosti for Sky Glass Components

British broadcaster and telecommunications company Sky UK recently partnered with Rosti. Their aim was to reduce lead times and improve supply chain sustainability within the UK and European markets.

The Sky team also sought to partner with a European supplier to localise the production of their products and be nearer to their primary market. They believed a local supplier could also provide a high level of guidance for manufacturing and project management, areas where Rosti has extensive knowledge and experience.

Sky’s leadership team stated its goal to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030. Rosti is proud to have the capability to adapt its production lines to the latest standards to reduce emission levels. In addition, Rosti is partnering with Sky to refurbish existing products in the market, significantly reducing waste.

We are delighted to partner with Sky UK to support them with their injection moulding requirements for their Sky Glass technology as well as their environmental and sustainability objectives”, commented Michal Lubik, Managing Director, Rosti Poland.

Dedicated Sky Production Space

Rosti and Sky UK’s partnership allowed for collaboration on the production of TV rear covers for their latest innovation, Sky Glass. The project began with a significant investment from Rosti to create a dedicated 2,500 square meter production and warehousing area within the Rosti Poland facility, including four dedicated high tonnage moulding machines (1750 – 2000 tonne.) From the concept stage to completion, the project incorporated new tools, machines and assembly processes over several months to ensure we met the timing for market demand.

The Rosti team invested and implemented this significant infrastructure to facilitate the mass production of 1 million units for Sky Glass Rear Covers and up to 1.5 million set-top box covers.

Introducing Sustainable Production Processes

The Rosti team has worked closely with Sky UK to produce new components for their TV covers using Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding (RHCM) technologies. The introduction of the hot water processes proved immediately beneficial as it eliminated the need for other processes, such as painting. This helped to reduce the environmental impact and provided the end user with a quality, finished product using a single process. Rosti reduced the carbon footprint and made the parts more easily recyclable at the end of their product life.

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