Sustainability Along the Entire Value Chain

As a supplier of quality standard mould units certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, HASCO stands not only for sustainability along the entire value chain but also for the resource-saving handling of materials and energy.

Out of the company’s innermost conviction, environmental compatibility is up at the very top of the agenda – as it was even before the topic came into the focus of global media attention. While striving consistently for economic efficiency, HASCO always makes absolutely sure that it does so in an ecologically compatible way.

So what does quality have to do with sustainability? In fact, they have much in common, because only a company that demonstrably produces certified quality can guarantee a long service life for its products. This long service life also has a positive effect on the items produced from it. For more than 20 years, HASCO has been certified by an external authority and has been proven to produce maximum quality. Customers can therefore be certain of obtaining durable, high-quality products and, at the same time, do something for the environment.

Only proven certified quality can save resources

Apart from adhering to current quality and environmental standards, HASCO also does everything it can to save energy within the company. It starts with the lighting in the production halls. There, use is made of state-of-the art LED lighting with daylight sensors, which are able to measure the incident daylight and to use only as much artificial light as is necessary at any one time to deliver the required amount of light.

No wastage of material and energy

In climate control of the factory halls, the temperature fluctuations are optimally balanced out with heat exchangers, which has led to a significant energy saving. The oil-free and constant-temperature climate in production has a positive effect on the health of the employees and on the precision of the manufactured products.

Company-wide sustainability management

Another key aspect is the packaging of the products. The aim here is to consistently avoid unnecessary packaging material, but, at the same time, to ensure the necessary protection of the high-quality products. Initial progress has already been made, and further optimisation measures are planned.


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