TCB-Arrow Announce Solar Panels Will Pay for Themselves Within Three Years

TCB-Arrow is excited to announce that its solar panels are now up and running. This £100,000 investment is an enormous step towards their green manufacturing goals. The contribution the panels will make to their energy consumption is significant – at the current electricity rate, they will pay for themselves within three years.

Using a renewable energy source is essential but isn’t the only step TCB-Arrow has made towards a greener manufacturing process.

So how else can Injection Moulding be greener?



Assisting customers with the design of products to optimise the item’s physical properties and material content, ensuring the material content is as economical as possible. This is achieved by ensuring the section thicknesses of the part provide the necessary mechanical properties while keeping section thicknesses as economical as possible. If parts have unnecessarily thick sections, they take longer to cool, extending cycle times, meaning production efficiency is not optimised.


Not only does TCB-Arrow evaluate the material content in the design, but also the ratio of Prime (new) to Reprocessed material. They use environmentally friendly materials for their projects, with higher reprocessed content. Over 50% of the materials they use are reprocessed grades, which equates to around 30 tonnes a month.

Manufacturing Process

Aside from the materials themselves, injection moulding is inherently low waste, and at TCB-Arrow, they have optimised their processes to reduce waste and improve efficiencies. By operating optimised processes, cycle times are reduced, reducing direct energy cost per component, leading to higher output with less consumed energy. Current injection moulding machines are more environmentally friendly, so TCB-Arrow invests in modern machines to minimise energy consumption and environmental impact.

Optimising The Factory

In terms of the space they operate in, TCB-Arrow is doing all it can to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible. They use a 24-hour shift system, meaning they can keep their machines running constantly, reducing downtime and contributing to their high efficiency.

Having been established for 35 years, TCB-Arrow has come a long way in terms of improvements in its environmental footprint and commitment to minimising the impact of its activities. Their environmental consciousness drives them to continually review and reduce their environmental footprint, and these are just some of the ways they are currently striving to do that.

We are very conscious of the source of our electric supply and endeavour to source our power from suppliers with high sustainability content. We also aim to become more self-sufficient, producing our energy through solar PV panels. With this latest £100,000 investment yet again, it demonstrates our commitment to the future of our business and the environment.Murray Humphries, Managing Director

TCB-Arrow is a modern organisation providing components and assembly solutions in Thermoplastic and Elastomer materials. Visit their website to find out more.

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