54 Years and Counting: The Rise of Plastic Supplies Dudley

Plastic Supplies Dudley is a family-run injection moulding company which has been operating for over fifty years in the West Midlands. It all began in 1969 with one product and has since grown to serve industries and businesses all over the UK with an extensive range of services.

Plastic Supplies Dudley was established in September 1969 by Brian Loverock, the father and grandfather of the company’s current management, Tim Loverock and Joe Loverock. Brian began producing just one product when he first founded the company, a plastic body filler spreader.

Plastic Supplies Dudley's first product
Plastic Supplies Dudley’s first-ever product

A Gap in the Market

Originally designed as an alternative to lead body solder, the plastic body filler is a polyester-based resin with a putty-like substance. It is used to smooth out holes, scuffs and scratches on plastic parts – particularly within the automotive industry. Brian noticed that as body filler became more popular for car repairs, people were using various different scrap materials to apply the filler – such as old pieces of lino and plastic.

Spotting a gap in the market for a specific applicator for this substance, Plastic Supplies Dudley became a leading supplier of body filler spreaders – a product that they still produce to this day. The first big order for these plastic spreaders came from a company called U-POL. Moreover, Plastic Supplies Dudley is proud to still work with the company to this day and who sends their products worldwide.

Plastic body filler

Expanding the Business and its Capabilities

Fifty years later, Plastic Supplies Dudley serves industries and businesses nationwide with their extensive range of plastic manufacturing services, including automotive, decking, and heating and ventilation sectors. They continue to develop their services and capabilities in order to be able to support as many applications as they can. At the same time, the team strives to keep their values as they always have been: delivering impeccable injection moulding services and unbeatable customer service.

Some of the plastic manufacturing services Plastic Supplies Dudley offers include:

  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Insert moulding
  • Over moulding
  • Tool trials
  • 3D printing
  • Prototypes

Plastic Supplies Dudley takes pride in supporting their customers from the beginning to the end of a project, offering competitive prices and fast turnaround times. As one of the most experienced plastic injection moulding companies in the UK, the team enjoys lending their extensive knowledge to clients looking to push the boundaries of their own businesses. Consequently, creating revolutionary products that deliver on quality and value every time.

Investing in Our Machinery

Plastic Supplies Dudley manufactures precise and consistent parts using state-of-the-art technology and machinery. They have a wide range of machines, ranging from 55 to 500-tonne capacity. Therefore, Plastic Supplies Dudley can produce parts of various sizes ranging from 1g up to 2.3kg in weight.

Injection moulding machine

Post-Moulding Services

Alongside plastic injection moulding services, Plastic Supplies Dudley offers a range of post-moulding services, including assembly and packaging. With this in mind, they can provide clients with a complete solution from design to finished product.

For more information on Plastic Supplies Dudley’s plastic product manufacturing services and what they can achieve for your business, contact their helpful team today – just call +44 (0) 1384 77569 or email info@plasticsuppliesdudley.co.uk.

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