“The Thermoplastics Industry is Changing Faster than Ever” – Mark Styring, Chem-Trend

Mark Styring is a thermoplastics expert with more than 35 years of international experience in the industry. Across research and development, quality control, production management, technical service or management; he is familiar with all disciplines. Since the beginning of the year he has agreed a cooperation with Chem-Trend for the UK market.

How did you come to work together with Chem-Trend – and what are your common goals in the UK?

To work with Chem-Trend as a world leader in purging compounds, release agents and mould maintenance products for the plastics processing industry is a great privilege for me. We have been linked for a long time. So, I didn’t hesitate when the company approached me a few months ago with a request for cooperation. Together, we want to help plastics processors in the UK make their processes more efficient and sustainable. The cooperation is aided by the fact that I know the Ultra Purge™ purging compounds, which I will now distribute in the UK on behalf of Chem-Trend, very well. Earlier in my career, I collaborated with Moulds Plus International, who developed the Ultra Purge™ product line before selling it on to Chem-Trend in 2016.

What are the advantages of Ultra Purge™ purging compounds for plastics processors?

Ultra Purge™ purging compounds are effective in eliminating black spots and carbonised deposits in all types of thermoplastic-processing machinery, from hot-runner injection moulding to blow moulding and film extrusion. Ultra Purge™ meets the requirements of materials, machinery and work areas of plastics processors that produce a wide variety of end products.

What do TP manufacturers need to consider when selecting a purging compound? 

When cleaning machines, it is essential for black specks such as carbonised deposits to be removed with great care. It must also be ensured that quick and problem-free colour changes are supported as well as material changes. It is also a question of significantly reducing downtimes and material costs. All this is best achieved with a highly effective purging compound – Chem-Trend offers the appropriate solution for all these challenges.

What do you particularly appreciate about Chem-Trend?

Chem-Trend is a global, visionary company that develops solutions in cooperation with the user in order to create the greatest possible added value. Together with the world’s leading manufacturers of polymers, dyes and machinery, Chem-Trend is constantly developing its products and producing the most effective purging compounds to meet the individual requirements of each specific customer. I am convinced by this approach. For many years, I have worked hard to provide customised and innovative solutions – and working with Chem-Trend takes this to the next level for me personally. I am convinced that we will make significant improvements for the UK market.

What challenges do you currently see for the TP industry?

Production needs to become even more efficient to meet customer requirements while allowing suppliers to compete. Optimised machine maintenance is crucial here. Another problem is the acute shortage of many raw materials. Effective cleaning of the machines plays an important role in both areas. Only in this way can processes function properly and material be saved.

What innovations will be important for plastics processors in the future?

The requirements for efficiency continue to rise, especially in injection moulding and film extrusion: Avoiding black spots and carbonising deposits is essential. Seamless colour changes and trouble-free machine start-up and shutdown are becoming increasingly important. Today, no plastics processor can afford downtime.

What is your vision for the TP industry of the future?

What I want for the TP industry is for the public to stop demonising it. Instead, it is important to recognise: Without thermoplastics, there would be no cars, bicycles, aircraft, medical devices, toys, or electrical and electronic equipment – not to mention effective packaging that preserves perishable goods and medicines and prolongs their shelf life without harmful additives.


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