The Hottest Offer in Temperature Control – Tool-Temp Giveaway!

This Summer, Tool-Temp are giving away a FREE TT-181 All you need to do to enter is follow Tool-Temp on LinkedIn, like and share their ad and email them how you plan to use the unit, should you be the lucky winner.

The draw will not take place until September 2023. All participants will be entered into a random draw. You must be based in the UK or Ireland to WIN, and must work at a company who has a requirement for this unit on site.

No cash alternative is available. The team at Tool-Temp look forward to hearing from you, and how you plan to use this unit.

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The TT-181 is a small yet powerful temperature control unit (TCU) designed for use with water up to 90°C for moulds up to 600kg and oil up to 150°C for moulds up to 300kg.

Product Features:

• Self-optimising temperature controller with digital display of the set and
actual temperature. With high precision regulation in 1/10 range;
can be adjusted to read °C or °F.
• Automatic temperature control – the difference between set and actual temperature
activates an alarm.
• Submersible sealless pump manufactured from bronze.
• Pressure is indicated by a manometer.
• Automatic or manual refill.
• Automatic mould drain.
• Leakstopper device – unit can be used in pressure or vacuum mode. No medium
is lost at leaking tools, therefore ensuring continuous production.
• Limescale-free heat exchanger.
• Corrosion-resistant unit (longevity).
• All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze.
• Heating switchable in stages.

– Safety devices:

  • Level control for dry run protection.
  • Electronic temperature limiter in the controller and separate mechanical safety thermostat.
  • Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch.
  • Horn in case of failure.

• All failures are visually indicated.
• Unit on castors.

Read more from Tool-Temp here.

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