Tool-Temp UK Ltd Launched The New MATIC Range at Interplas in September 2023 Whilst Celebrating 50 years of Trading

As one of the leading manufacturers of temperature control equipment, Tool-Temp products are used in all process industries where a thermal medium of water or oil is used: plastics, composites, die-casting, injection moulding, extrusion, rubber, silicone, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, printing, lamination, textiles, heavy engineering and others.

The sales team have been working hard presenting the new range during visits over the last few weeks. We spoke to the sales team about the new product and their excitement was contagious. “Everyone at Tool-Temp is extremely excited about the new range, our favourite feature is being able to offer our customers an energy-saving solution. As well as this our customers like the web-based interfaces, continuous monitoring and self-diagnosis, user-defined time-resolved recipes and the new 7” touch screen”.

It’s hard not to get excited when talking to Tool-Temp about their new range, as well as this the units themselves look very appealing. The new Matic product line with the IRIS controller offers smart and intelligent solutions for your process optimisation. In addition to simple and energy-efficient operation, you can expect predictive behaviour and maintenance, as well as configurable recipes and much more.

The innovative MATIC product line covers all the needs of a digital networked production environment. It is equipped with the new in-house developed IRIS controller. It also incorporates a frequency inverter for energy-efficient operation. Does this sound like something you need?

Check out the video from Interplas 2023, showcasing the new MATIC machine:

Contact the Tool-Temp team to discuss the benefits of the new range and see where we can save you money.

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