Expand Your Business Possibilities With a Trotec MOPA Laser

The latest addition to the industrial marking range of Trotec laser machines, MOPA laser offers many advantages when marking metals and plastics. Available for all SpeedMarker series lasers, the MOPA laser works alongside the standard fibre or CO2 laser, retaining the same benefits of traditional fibre lasers. 

More possibilities with a MOPA fibre laser source

With short pulses and low pulse energy, the material is heated less during the laser marking process, while adjustable pulse durations make the MOPA one of the most flexible marking lasers available.

Higher contrast and vivid marking results

Plastics that are difficult to mark with conventional fibre lasers can be marked clearly and in a more homogeneous manner, with less burning and foaming of the material. The shorter pulses of a MOPA laser produce lighter markings when marking darker plastics, creating a finer contrast and clearer markings.

Different marking effects on metals

Using a MOPA fibre laser with pulse durations between 4 and 200ns offers a wide spectrum of possibilities when metal marking. A natural black marking is possible on anodised aluminium, while faster, corrosion-free laser markings are possible on steel when annealing. This technique also allows reproducible colours to be produced on steel.

Advantages of the MOPA laser:

  • Less burning/melting in the edge area when engraving metals
  • Less heat develops when using the annealing process to mark metals, leading to a better corrosion resistance
  • Creation of reproducible annealing colours on stainless steel
  • Black marking of anodised aluminum
  • Controlled melting of plastics
  • Less foaming when processing plastics
  • More homogeneous and sometimes higher-contrast markings on some plastics

With a MOPA laser, you also get the same great advantages as a fibre laser:

  • maintenance-free
  • long service life
  • air-cooled
  • economic purchase price

Watch the video below to see the MOPA laser in action.

In addition to its SpeedMarker and Promarker series of high-speed industrial galvo marking lasers, Trotec manufactures the Speedy series of flatbed laser engravers and the large format SP series of laser cutting machines.

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