UK 3D Printing Service Continues to go from Strength to Strength

Utilising industrial, polymer powder bed fusion (PBF) 3D printing processes, 3DPRINTUK offers a bridging service between one-off prototypes and injection moulding through batch production of low to medium volumes of 3D printed parts to achieve the best quality and price combination for its clients.

With more than a decade of experience in this area and producing in excess of a million parts per year, 3DPRINTUK is a leading service provider in the UK that is continuing to grow and expand its machine and technology portfolio together with its team of experts.

At 3DPRINTUK, the quality of parts and the efficiency of build remains the central focus of the business. With that said, the team supports its clients pre- and post-build providing a full service. The company’s front-end, automated online ordering service has also been developed in-house to ensure a seamless and efficient interface, with plenty of humans available for clients that require a personal interface should they need or require it.

Any 3D printed part starts with a digital design and parts out the machine are only as good as the design that goes in. While 3D printing is well-known for its capacity for opening up the production of complex geometries that were previously “un-manufacturable” with traditional technologies, 3D printing processes require design knowledge with best practices for designing for additive manufacture (DfAM) essential for success. 3DPRINTUK recently wrote a series of articles on this very subject, which are available for anyone to read here.

Parts off the machine are not the end of the “production” story with 3D printing, either. Invariably all parts have to go through a series of post-processing steps. Some of these are essential and some are optional depending on application requirements. With PBF 3D printing, the nature of the process means that powder removal and part cleaning are essential, with a variety of surface finishing options all available via the 3DPRINTUK service. Again, to provide insight into the available options and best practices for automated post-processing for higher volumes of parts, 3DPRINTUK has produced a series of articles to support its clients and the wider community, here.

3DPRINTUK offers a full 3D printing service dedicated to the highest quality of parts balanced with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As such the company is well placed to be a genuine and reliable production partner for organisations that require low-medium volumes of parts on demand from a local supplier, eliminating the costs and time delays of producing tools for injection moulding and the required warehousing of thousands of parts.

Growth and expansion continue at 3DPRINTUK, with additional facilities secured ahead of another round of internal investment in all areas of the business. This includes new machines, new processes, additional post-processing capacity. This is definitely one to keep watching.


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