UK Case Study: PVC Regranulation & Compounding

In this case study, Bausano demonstrates how manufacturers can reintroduce PVC waste into their manufacturing process whilst maintaining the highest production quality possible, using Bausano’s twin-screw extrusion lines.

Over the past year, Bausano has continued to find new technical solutions to ensure the highest quality production of granules obtained from recycled PVC. Bausano’s MD Nextmover twin-screw extrusion lines have been on the market for some time, and fully meet the requirements for producing granules obtained from the recovery of rigid and flexible PVC at the highest standards.

This has been demonstrated most recently in the UK, where Bausano – with the support of UK & Ireland partner Intelicare – have supplied and commissioned a 1000 kg/h PVC compounding line for a market-leading manufacturer of extruded and injection moulded PVC products.

The Bausano extrusion line serves a dual purpose of reducing the cost of more expensive virgin material, as well as satisfying the company’s goals of increasing the use of recycled PVC in the manufacturing process. The company will recycle PVC, such as window frames, that would otherwise have been destined for landfill and reintroduce the granulated material into the supply chain to produce new products.

The supply included a Bausano MD130 twin-screw extruder, Digital Extruder Control 4.0 and Bausano’s own Industry 4.0 software, Orquestra, for controlling the whole extrusion line, die-face cutter, screen changer, RG4 pellet cooling system and big bag loading system with automatic changeover. The extruder is equipped with the worldwide patented multi-drive system, a game-changing innovation designed to prolong the life of the extruder and increase power to the screws, all while lowering overall energy consumption by 30%.

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Bausano continues to research and test new technical solutions to further enhance its formidable capability in terms of PVC regranulation. The correct screw design is undoubtedly the heart of the entire extrusion process and cannot be left to chance – which is why Bausano designs and manufactures in-house for total control over the supply chain.

With a dedicated laboratory within the test area of the factory, an expert Bausano team can analyse the specific granulometry of customer material which then informs a multitude of intricate designs on the extruder. This is especially important with recycled material.

“Each of our extrusion lines is the result of value engineering combining ongoing product innovation with extensive know-how – established for over 70 years – in plastic transformation processes”, says Clemente Bausano, Vice President of the company.

Clemente continues, “Along these lines, the Multi-drive system has raised the standards in terms of service life and efficiency of machinery, undoubtedly becoming a technology reference point in the extrusion industry.” Clemente concludes, “An achievement obtained thanks to the direct supervision of all design and development, as well as production, assembly and testing steps: an approach that makes it possible for us to ensure high technical and functional quality standards recognised by UK & Irish industry players.”

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