Ultimaker Announces PVA Removal Station Pre-Sale Launch in the UK

Following the initial announcement of the PVA Removal Station at the Ultimaker Showcase, which took place on October 14, 2021, Ultimaker has selected the UK for a limited pre-sale launch ahead of the global launch in July 2022.

Produce complex geometries and stunning visual prototypes with minimal intervention and higher productivity using the Ultimaker PVA Removal Station. Dissolve PVA support material in a matter of hours, using only water in this chemically free process.

This is a unique product within the current market and will expand the Ultimaker Ecosystem and further enhance user experiences. As part of the Ultimaker 3D printing platform, this new solution enables efficient post-processing with peace of mind.

Designers and engineers can save significant time while iterating because of the following benefits in this all-in-one solution that makes PVA removal hassle-free:

  • Remove PVA up to 4x faster: Water is circulated by a magnetic rotor to speed up PVA removal up to 4x faster (compared with motionless water). The water changes direction every 2 minutes to push more water against the model – even into the hard-to-reach cavities.
  • Minimal intervention, higher productivity: The Ultimaker PVA Removal Station reduces operator time to only a few minutes per print, with minimal maintenance or need for cleaning.
  • Work with complete peace of mind: With less hassle, no mess, and complete peace of mind, you can rely on and easily monitor the PVA Removal Station. This enables you to confidently continue working while waiting for your high-quality end result.

Ultimaker PVA Removal Station

The PVA Removal Station is universal in use and comes with a basket and divider to keep prints in place and fully submerged. The saturation indicator shows if water needs changing, and the transparent container allows you to keep an eye on the dissolving process.

For more information on the PVA Removal Station, visit the 3DGBIRE website.

Established in 2011, Ultimaker is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transformation to flexible, empowering and sustainable solutions. 380 employees deliver a platform that enables customers to take full advantage of the unique Ultimaker Ecosystem that offers the largest diversity of 3D printing products and services in the industry. Ultimaker provides seamless integration of hardware, software and materials that simply works.

Ultimaker is represented in the UK and Ireland by 3DGBIRE, an approved and preferred Ultimaker reseller. To browse the Ultimaker range of 3D printing systems, visit the 3DGBIRE website, or contact enquiries@3dgbire.com for more information. Alternatively, click here to read more news from 3DGBIRE.

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