Utility Team to Introduce Unique Product at Interplas

At Interplas 2017, Utility Team will be introducing a unique product which they are now offering, enabling you to turn your energy spend in to usable Capex; to invest in your business.

Below is some information on the EPP (Energy Performance Partnership). Essentially, Utility Team build the cost of new technology in to your energy bill (Plant, LED replacement, HVAC etc.) They then get 80% of the uplift on day one of the contract going live to use to implement the new technology; bringing your energy usage down immediately. The payback is between 2/3 years, interest free and without touching any capital expenditure from the business. The installed technology is then yours to keep at the end of the energy contract. Also, any qualifying expenditure is eligible to be relieved against profits at the rate of 100%.

Ideally this is suited to customers who have large energy spends and use well over 1gwh per year on energy.

Energy Performance Partnerships

Utility Team can reduce your costs by reducing your usage. With the aid of energy solution technologies, working with you, Utility Team will identify the most beneficial technology for you and build the cost into your electricity contract, interest free with no requirement of any Capex to implement the technology.

Machinery – Plant

You identify a new energy efficient plant with more efficient running costs.


Utility Team provide a free of charge site audit to identify any energy solution technologies which will be beneficial to your business, ensuring maximum energy reduction; driving down energy usage.


The cost of your energy solution technology will be built into your energy contract with no additional charges to you.


You will receive your energy solution technology when your energy contract starts, so you can start reducing your usage and your energy costs immediately.

Key Benefits

  • Lower energy spends
  • 100% tax relief against qualifying technology
  • Reduce your usage
  • Improve your green credentials
  • Environmental compliance
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Utility Team will empower you with expert advice on which route to market is the most beneficial for your business, with a safe and transparent channel to procure power, gas and water commodities, as well as comprehensive support & account management for small and large multi-site portfolios.

Meet Utility Team on Stand A40E on the PlastikCity Pavilion.

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