Why Do Customers Keep Buying Shredders from UNTHA UK?

Since the business began back in the 1970s, UNTHA’s global organisation has developed industry-first after industry-first. Here in the UK, they’re established as the country’s leading supplier of cutting-edge shredding technology, but they’re just as renowned for their machinery as for their waste management expertise and service excellence. That’s exactly why customers seek their support time and again.

To help you learn more about why UNTHA is far from the ‘average’ shredding partner, cue UNTHA UK project manager, Tony Gillham…

1. Quality and performance

Manifesting itself throughout the entire scope of our organisation, quality is far more than a tick box exercise within UNTHA UK. And while sophisticated technology, infrastructure, and processes enable us to uphold strict high standards, we’re well aware that it is people who provide the quality backbone to our business.

Not only are we keen to attract and nurture the industry’s best talent, but we also see it as a non-negotiable to give our employees a platform on which to share their voice and grow their passion, as well as to capture and implement feedback from customers as frequently as possible.

2. Product durability

UNTHA UK has always remained true to its core competency – machines that are researched, designed, developed, tested, manufactured, supplied, installed and maintained by the same team of engineering experts. That’s why they can – and do – run for decades, however heavy-duty the application.

Even when our machines eventually start to become a little tired, we can offer a whole host of services that commit to a circular economy by giving them a new lease of life – including our shredder rebuild service, which boosts operational efficiency up to eight times over. We’ll always be the reliable brand, and that will never change.

3. Unrivalled customer service

We know what we know and we know it well. Through a series of carefully-considered processes tailored to the requirements of each customer, successful project delivery remains in sharp focus throughout every step of our journey together.

And with a centrally-located team equipped to advise on the need for ongoing service products and machine optimisation tips, our customers have the comfort that there’s always a specialist on the other end of a line should they need us.

4. Knowledgeable salespeople

The rich portfolio of both industry-specific and technical experience across our team means we can develop a greater level of rapport with our customers – putting our history of learnings and synergies into practice in each and every conversation. Our colleagues truly know what they’re talking about and aren’t afraid to speak up if they have questions or require clarity, as they know what it’s like to be ‘over-sold to’.

Crucially, we’re all wholeheartedly invested in our entire customer offering too. While we’re hungry for continuous improvement and will never rest on our laurels, we share the same visions and ambitions as one another, which means we stand by what we sell, through and through.

5. Product availability

Although our customer-specific supply methodology means we can’t promise instant dispatch, we work incredibly hard to satisfy the lead time of every organisation we serve and maintain consistent communication throughout every step of the process.

And, as we seek to improve our marketplace proposition, we’ve continued to devise new ways to procure our technology, which means our inventory now boasts a small selection of shredders, turnkey systems, and spare and wear components that are available for immediate configuration and/or delivery – whether of an ad-hoc need or as part of an operational customer service package.

6. Ease of doing business

By dissecting the customer journey and investigating the different phases of decision-making throughout the shredder buying process, UNTHA UK has moved from a reactionary business, to one that can identify and combat issues before they even arise.

Revolutionising our training programmes to augment the mindsets of our employees and investing in more efficient workflows to streamline operations also means we’re far better equipped to navigate what is thrown at us without jeopardising standards, and keeping everything as headache-free as possible for the customer.

7. Trustworthiness

We’ve long recognised that ours is a technical, complex sell – different on a case-by-case basis and built on the premise that ‘seeing is believing’. Our shredder showcases, product demos, and trial periods provide customers with peace of mind that they’re procuring products that will add real value to their organisation – and the same ethics apply with aftersales advice and purchasing, too.

Our library of project case studies, the testimonials peppered throughout our website, and our openness when inviting prospective customers to existing client sites, is testament to our reputation and demonstrates that our salespeople always follow through on their promises.

8. Sales accessibility

Any enquiry – whether via email, telephone, the website, social media, or in person – is fed straight into our ‘hub’ and assigned to the sales team, before a suitable colleague is hand-picked to take the enquiry forward. If we don’t think we’re the best fit for your needs, we’ll be honest in saying that. But if we do, we’ll ask the right questions and curate a comprehensive quote to hopefully bring your project to life.

9. Acquisition price

When it comes to operational criteria such as throughputs, yield per tonne, levels of energy consumption, plus the price, quality, and availability of spare and wear parts, the true cost of a shredder soon inflates. And, if the capital equipment isn’t exactly fit for purpose in the first place, a seemingly affordable investment can quickly become a waste of money. That’s why we talk so much to our customers about the calculation of whole life running costs.

Because our shredders might not be cheapest option on the market, we work hard to ensure they’re the best. They boast fantastic uptime, low maintenance, impressive fuel efficiency, on-spec shredding, and more. And the result? The best possible return on investment.

10. Technical support

It’s not just UNTHA’s industrial shredders that set us apart from competition – it’s our unrivalled support that extends well beyond the initial sale, and is tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

Beyond a standard 12-month warranty, we also offer a number of services to help organisations maximise the ongoing productivity, performance and profitability of their plants, including planned preventative maintenance, ongoing performance optimisation, and continued business support.

Tony Gillham, ULTHA
Tony Gillham, Project Manager, UNTHA


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