Wittmann 4.0 and Digitalisation Front and Centre at Competence Days

Wittmann 4.0 and Digitalisation Front and Centre at Competence Days

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On June 19th and 20th, the Wittmann Group will hold its Competence Days 2024 at the Marx Hall in Vienna, Austria. Under the slogan “We live Moulding”, guests can look forward to specialist presentations focusing on Wittmann 4.0 digitalisation, as well as many other interesting exhibits.

On the Wednesday evening, Ingemar Bühler, General Manager of Plastics Europe Germany, will open the program with his keynote speech “AI and Digitalisation – the Gamechangers for the Plastics Industry. Dr Mikula Thiem of Germany’s plastics trade association, the VDMA, will also discuss different aspects of digitalisation at the event.

The Competence Days of the Wittmann Group have a long tradition: For Wittmann, they represent an ideal platform for the presentation of innovation to customers and partners alike, and also give the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s competence not only in existing technologies but also in the area of future-oriented topics, such as 4.0, AI and digitalisation.

In the early days of Industry 4.0, Wittmann was quick to recognise the importance of the technology – and to create its own 4.0 and digitalisation platforms. Wittmann 4.0 was the result, borrowing the 4.0 suffix from Industry 4.0 – named for the 4th Industrial Revolution – and representing the synthesis and networking of all relevant technologies in an Internet of objects, services and data – integrating, directing and improving manufacturing systems to be able to offer quick, flexible responses to customer demands.

For today’s injection moulders, Wittmann 4.0 opens up the prospect of an unparalleled degree of transparency, traceability, productivity and process management – something that also assists in the more accurate servicing of manufacturing customers and beyond.

Wittmann 4.0 also connects to the company’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES), TEMI + – developed expressly for plastics processing needs. TEMI + connects the moulding machine to all ancillary equipment and any alterations in the composition of the moulding cell are recognised automatically within the cell with all technology placed on a secure and digital platform.

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