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The impact of energy costs in production has dramatically come to the fore with the rising prices of primary energy sources, particularly gas and electricity. This has prompted plastic processors to pay even closer attention to energy consumption and to take the energy efficiency of machinery and equipment more strongly into account in their investment decision-making.

Last year WITTMANN Digital, the software division for business information of the WITTMANN Group responsible for the MES solution TEMI+, added the software package IMAGOxt to its product portfolio. IMAGOxt allows companies to measure and visualise multiple variables and process equipment parameters, including power consumption.

By measuring the consumption of various injection moulding machines in real production environments over a long period, valuable experience was gained on the efficiency of machine models from different suppliers under numerous applications.

At the K 2022, visitors of the WITTMANN BATTENFELD booth in hall 15, booth C06, will not only have the opportunity to get to know the versatile IMAGOxt energy tool but also carry out a simulation based on the collected data to help them understand the costs to be expected for energy consumption. In addition, the potential savings in energy and carbon footprint, which could be achieved by selecting injection moulding machines from the WITTMANN product portfolio, will be calculated and displayed.

For the simulation, IMAGOxt links the energy data from the power meters installed on all the machines present at the WITTMANN BATTENFELD booth in real-time with the determined measurement results from the system’s internal database.

Energy Cost and Savings simulator
Energy Cost and Savings simulator

The results will provide a realistic estimate of the economic and environmental advantages moulders can achieve by selecting the most energy-efficient machinery for each particular application. Especially in times of rising energy costs, knowledge of the impact of specific applications on the energy bill is invaluable.


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