Wittmann Battenfeld UK Makes the Material Difference for Linecross Composites

Wittmann Battenfeld UK has recently supplied and commissioned two Wittmann Gravimax G34 polymer blenders at Linecross Composites in Cannock. The Gravimax Real-Time Live Scale (RTLS) polymer blenders are assisting Linecross to deliver a special project using a mix of highly sensitive polymers. Extreme accuracy in weighing, dosing, and blending is therefore required before moulding. The Wittmann G34 machines have passed the test with flying colours.

As part of a new tooling programme for one of its automotive customers, Linecross identified a requirement for additive blending equipment with a clear focus on accuracy and flexibility.  Linecross then made the decision to purchase the two Gravimax units based on the performance of the equipment and the proven track record of Wittmann over the last five years as its selected ancillary partner.

Wittmann has been working with the Cannock-based Linecross site for approximately seven years, supplying a variety of polymer drying and materials delivery equipment. The Wittmann DryMax series is a favourite at the company, as are the Wittmann Feedmax Hopper Loaders and Wittmann Tempro Mould Temperature Controllers.

The Linecross Group is comprised of two world-class manufacturing facilities – Linecross Rutland and Linecross Composite, Cannock. The Linecross Group can deploy an unparalleled mix of plastics processes for its international clients, including vacuum and thermoforming, compression moulding, injection moulding, polyurethane composite work, and also complex assembly and sequence supply. Both sites employ a total of 260 skilled professionals who deliver solutions for the company’s international client base.

Wittmann’s Gravimax blenders come in a variety of configurations and sizes that can deliver output from laboratory scale to thousands of kilos per hour. The Gravimax can meter and mix up to eight ingredients in one batch; and include precision metering valves, interchangeable steel hoppers, and an easy to use controller.

Wittmann’s innovative RTLS technology deploys two weighing cells which are continuously active throughout the entire weighing cycle in real-time – thus giving the customer micro-based precision and ensuring high quality parts.

Wittmann Joint Managing Director Daniel Williams says, ‘we are delighted that Wittmann’s materials handling expertise has become so entrusted by Linecross so as to ensure the success of this important and complex project.

Williams adds that ‘Wittmann materials handling expertise remains key for our one-stop production shop at WIBA UK. Our doors are always open to discuss needs and projects in relation to effective and cost-saving use of polymer material – in drying, conveying, blending, or in mould temperature control.’

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