Wittmann Flexible Automation on Minimal Floor Space

Wittmann Flexible Automation on Minimal Floor Space

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With FlexCell automation cells, WITTMANN offers more cost-efficiency in injection moulding. They are designed to be extremely compact, based on a standardised concept and yet very flexible. In its FlexCell automation cells, WITTMANN combines in the automation of injection moulding systems maximum efficiency with considerable cost savings.

The footprint of production equipment is an important efficiency key figure. As a supplier of turnkey injection moulding systems, WITTMANN has shown great skill in exploiting space-saving potentials. The new FlexCell automation cells are an outstanding example. They offer the protective housing, linear robot and conveyor belts all integrated into one safe, compact unit.

Modular and Retrofittable

With its three different versions – Basis, Primus and Plus – FlexCell covers the entire range of injection moulding applications. From simple pick & place tasks all the way to planned integration of downstream equipment, such as packaging stations for moulded parts.

What all versions have in common is their space-saving, modular design. The cells are compatible with injection moulding machines of all brands and can be retrofitted on existing production equipment.

Since the cells are mounted directly onto the injection moulding machine and allow production with the machine safety door open, the automation equipment can be positioned very close to the clamping unit. In the Primus and Plus models, the protective housing is mounted on the conveyor belt and thus requires no separate floor space.

Fast Setup and Safe Production

The FlexCell automation cells are extendable by integrating additional modules. All automation components have their fixed place and are safely enclosed inside the FlexCell. In this way, the concept contributes to greater occupational safety as well as more efficient setup processes. Temperature controllers can also be integrated in a space-saving way. They are placed underneath the conveyor belt and thus take up no extra floor space.

Special emphasis was placed in product development on easy access to the mould space for manual interventions, servicing and maintenance work. So the conveyor belts with the protective housing can be moved very easily to one side in the Primus and Plus models.

Due to their standardised design, the FlexCell automation cells recommend themselves by short delivery times and an excellent price/performance ratio. As a first step, this new solution is being launched on the German market.

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