Wittmann Introduces New Options for Granulation

For many years, the Wittmann Group has provided in-plant recycling solutions via its extensive range of granulating equipment. The latest additions to its G-Max series of beside-the-press granulators feature larger hopper openings and offer customers greater efficiency, sustainability and choice.

The company’s all-in Insider injection moulding production cells, involving automation and conveyors within machine guarding, have been a great success. So much so that they were followed up by Wittmann Ingrinder solutions, designed in a similar way for optimum efficiency of the beside-the-press recycling process, saving processors cost, reducing waste and improving the environment.

Last autumn’s Fakuma exhibition saw new options launched within the G-Max series:

Wittmann’s G-Max series of compact beside-the-press granulators is specifically designed for closed-loop material recycling of sprues and runners that are discharged from injection moulding machines up to 500-tonnes clamping force.

The Wittmann G-Max series packs a lot of smart engineering into a very compact footprint in order to operate quietly and efficiently, grinding soft to medium-hard plastic sprues and defective parts made of PP, PE, ABS, and PU.

The design of the G-Max series of granulators has to this point been standardised, based on the design of G-Max 13. Accordingly, the new models – G-Max 23 and G-Max 33 – now come with larger hopper openings, and customers are now given a choice between a fixed and a rotatable version of material outlets.

The granulators of the G-Max series are driven by a Poly-V belt transmission. And for small beside-the-press granulators, only Wittmann is able to offer a belt drive with an automatic tensioning system.

Wittmann: G-Max
The material screens of the G-Max series are available with screen perforation in different sizes. This ensures suitability for varying materials and throughputs.

The tiltable material hopper simplifies the cleaning and servicing of the appliance enormously. A screen change can be carried out without tools, and the time required for servicing is reduced to a minimum.

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