WITTMANN to Showcase ‘It’s all WITTMANN.’ at NPE 2024

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WITTMANN USA, a manufacturer of injection moulding machines, robots, auxiliary equipment and more, is launching new innovation and technology at NPE2024: The Plastics Show (May 6-10; Orlando, FL). With more than 55,000 attendees expected, NPE2024 will be the largest plastics event in the Western Hemisphere promising a unique “Made for You” experience that surpasses previous NPE‘s.

NPE attendees will find WITTMANN USA’s Booth #W3043 the place to see numerous machines running, as is the tradition with the company’s show presence. This year’s NPE WITTMANN booth will feature five injection moulding machine work cells (all in a new red colour), fully integrated with the latest robots and auxiliaries. A key component is that 4.0 Technologies will be in every cell: Plug and Produce, Wittmann Digital, ControlRoom, Remote Access, OPC UA Communication and Data collection, and the list goes on.

“WITTMANN USA plans to demonstrate why ‘It’s all WITTMANN.’ is not just a statement; it’s a way of life,” says Sonny Morneault, WITTMANN USA VP-Sales. “From Wittmann 4.0 Connectivity to Sustainability to Circular Economy to Energy Efficiency, WITTMANN is truly the only plastics processing equipment supplier in the market that doesn’t just talk about this, we do it every day. Our goal is to show the plastics industry that we are the leader in the growth of innovation and what its positive impact can have on the environment, the economy, and our everyday lives.”

Sustainability Focus

In keeping on track with a Circular Economy mindset, sustainability will be integrated throughout WITTMANN’s dynamic booth including:

  • KERS Energy Recover System in all SmartPower and EcoPower moulding machines.
  • Process Technology, such as HiQ Flow, that helps minimise scrap and improve the customer’s part quality.
  • New Feedmax Clean material separation loader ideal for recycled plastic, removing 80% of dust and fines.
  • On every machine in the booth, an energy measurement will be carried out using the Wittmann Digital proprietary software IMAGOxt.
  • Complete line of auxiliaries including a dryer, conveyers, blenders, temperature controllers and granulators to help customers enable a closed loop process.

Injection Moulding Machine Work Cells

WITTMANN’S work cells are always a highlight of any trade show and this year’s NPE2024 booth is a can’t miss stop. Here’s a summary of the work cells and technology being featured:

The MacroPower large tonnage servo hydraulic machine with electric metering motor features the innovative WITTMANN HiQ Flow with regrind technology and will be moulding a Sunroof Bezel from Axiom, using Hybrid grade recycled content PP from TotalEnergies. Also running is a WITTMANN WX153 Robot.

Auxiliaries (including granulator for regrind) contain the new G-Max XL Granulator; Gravimax G34 Blender and Feedmax B Series Loaders. The conveying will be operated from the M8 Central Conveying Controller.

The new Feedmax Clean will convey material from the G-Max XL to the Gravimax G34 Blender while removing the dust content during conveying. Also includes the Tempro plus D L120 and Coolmax 20-tonne Air Cooled Chiller.

The WITTMANN WX153 robot, in partnership with Keyence, will be showing how the robot and automation can print QR codes and other important data directly on the part.

The SmartPower servo hydraulic 400 3-shot machines will feature Cellmould on the outer layer of a cup and will be moulding the 1-cavity “family mould” Cup and lid from Haidlmair, with PP + colour from Borealis. Also running is a WX142 Robot.

Auxiliaries featured are the Aton plus 120 VS with a 3-hopper Silmax Compact Cart. This displays WITTMANN’s Net5 conveying platform, ideal for controlling material conveying within a work cell.

Also included is:

  • The Tempro plus D 120 TCU
  • WFC120 water manifold for realising and controlling flow through individual cooling channels on the mould
  • Coolmax 15ton Air Cooled Chiller
  • Dosimax Color Feeders

SmartPower 120 will showcase LSR technology and mould beverage caps/covers from Nexus, featuring a 4-cavity family mould and LSR material from Momentive. Also running is the W918 Robot. Auxiliaries include Coolmax 5ton Air Cooled Chiller and Tempro plus D L120 TCU.

The MicroPower 15 2-shot will feature Micro moulding with liquid silicone rubber (LSR), where it will mould a speaker membrane from Starlim Spritzguss GmbH, using PBT & LSR material. Auxiliaries include Micro Dryer and Tempro plus D Micro TCU.

The SmartPower 4.0 demo cell will feature Wittmann 4.0 on the latest generation SmartPower servo-hydraulic machine, with WITTMANN developed B8X controller, and a new multiconnector for screw and barrel assemblies; a W918 robot; two Tempro plus D TCUs; one Gravimax G14 Blender and one Aton Plus Dryer.

Material Handling

The material handling section of the WITTMANN booth will showcase the Tempro plus D 200. This brings WITTMANN’s water TCU offering up to 200° C, from the previous maximum temperature of 180° C. WITTMANN’s goal is to be able to shift more customers away from oil as a process medium, and into water.

Other highlights include:

  • Feedmax Clean – this is WITTMANN’s first dust/fines separator.
  • Drymax plus – this brings the Drymax lineup of portable dryers into the world of Wittmann 4.0.
  • WITTMANN will be showcasing and demonstrating the Material Traceability, Material Lot Control, and Error-Proofing software options for the M8 Central Conveying Control
Feedmax Clean material separation loader

Robot Cells

There will also be two Robot Cells, both showcasing the New ControlRoom, which will make its debut at NPE2024. The WITTMANN ControlRoom can be used to view and control several WITTMANN Auxiliary Products within its work cell. This can operate on the R9 TeachBox as well as a PC.

Other highlights will include:

  • The new Sonic 131 will show off its acceleration and speed with exciting demos.
  • Robot Control Demo WX142 with R9: A WX142 Robot is being used to demonstrate the latest QuickNew Wizard program editor. While the R8 control is QuickNew’s heritage, the R9 control takes this way beyond its predecessor. Programming complex IMM work cells has never been quicker or easier.
Sonic 143 robot

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