ZEISS to Host Exclusive Aerospace Quality Days

ZEISS to Host Exclusive Aerospace Quality Days

ZEISS offers a rich portfolio of high-end metrology solutions for the aerospace industry. For the first time, the Aerospace team is inviting guests from across the globe to experience the latest ZEISS solutions at their Demo Centre in Oberkochen, Germany, on September 27th & 28th 2023.

The Quality Days will include a first-look at various measurement and inspection technologies, guest speakers and technical discussions with ZEISS Aerospace experts. Guests will learn about the key product groups in the Industrial Quality Solutions portfolio: microscopy, x-ray, and 3D inspection, plus there will be lots of networking opportunities, including a dinner event.

Numbers are limited for the event, so early registration is recommended. For more information, contact the UK Aerospace Sector Lead, Brett Adul.

Register here for your exclusive place at Aerospace Quality Days 2023 in Oberkochen, Germany.

Finding the right solution

Modern aircraft engines are masterpieces of engineering and their requirements for performance and fuel efficiency are increasing constantly. For such safety-critical parts, flawless accuracy is a must.
The newest product offerings from ZEISS include the T-SCAN hawk 2, and the ATOS LRX.

The ATOS LRX is a 3D scanner with a 4 square meter measuring volume, capable of capturing 2×12 million coordinate points with just one scan, even of complex geometries and freeform surfaces. It slides perfectly into position at the head of the ATOS family of 3D scanners.

When looking specifically at the aerospace sector, the ZEISS ATOS LRX’s large measuring volume makes light work of structural components such as the fuselage, ribs, tails, and wings. The sensor is also used for digitising the outer skin of the fuselage, for example, to check rivets and flushness between panels.

The T-SCAN hawk 2 is a small, portable, hand-held laser scanner designed to go everywhere and anywhere. Ideal for small parts, fine details, larger objects or deep pockets, confined spaces or hard-to-reach areas, the hawk switches seamlessly between tasks.

The T-SCAN hawk is perfect for the inspection of dents and defects, wear and tear monitoring, and even 3D scanning to aid in reverse engineering legacy parts.

Aerospace manufacturers can now realise improved productivity while achieving the right level of precision for their measuring tasks.

Register here for your exclusive place at the ZEISS Aerospace Quality Days 2023 in Oberkochen, Germany.

Read more from Zeiss Industrial Quality Solutions here.

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