ZEISS METROTOM 1: A New Level of Simplicity in CT Technology

With METROTOM 1, ZEISS is introducing an entry-level solution for the non-destructive inspection of components. This compact computed tomography system delivers precise results, while remaining affordable and easy to operate.

Many companies have already come to value the advantages of non-destructive inspection, especially those in demanding technical sectors such as automotive, medical or aerospace.

However, small and medium-sized companies “often view computed tomography (CT) as being too complex,” explains Dr. Petra Schmidt, Head of Field of Business X-Ray at ZEISS.

With the computed tomography system METROTOM 1, ZEISS has now developed an entry-level solution that is even simpler to operate and to use for inspection. Simply place the parts to be inspected in the system, press the button, and analyse the measurement results. “That’s how simple it is for users of this new CT system,” said Schmidt.

Technology with benefits

Computed tomography enables entire components to be scanned, including internal contours and undercuts, whether made from plastic or light metal. This enables not only the metrological analysis of the external features but also the precise measurement of the internal structures for a quick check of the dimensional accuracy in just one scan.

  • Full certainty with a single scan: Measure, analyse and inspect hidden defects and internal structures that cannot be detected with coordinate measuring machines.
  • No need to cut or damage parts: Thanks to X-ray technology, you can cut non-destructively to look inside!
  • Save time and money: No more complex fixturing
  • By scanning all internal and external structures, parts can be reproduced even if no CAD model is available

Inspect the Invisible with ZEISS METROTOM 1

With the easy-to-use CT technology of ZEISS METROTOM 1, anyone can complete complex measurement and inspection tasks with just one scan. The METROTOM 1 enables you to measure and inspect hidden defects and internal structures that cannot be detected with tactile or optical measurement systems whilst remaining compact, affordable and easy-to-operate.

X-raying your part is the only way to get the full picture, and it is now easier than ever. Watch the video below to learn more:

One CT System, Several Advantages

Easy Handling: ZEISS METROTOM 1 is built with the user in mind. Installation is simple and only small amounts of training are required to operate the CT. Scanning starts with one click!

Precise Measurements: ZEISS METROTOM 1 can measure and evaluate complete parts in one process. Perform accurate nominal/actual comparisons, dimensional checks, and wall-thickness analyses with confidence.

Small Footprint: ZEISS METROTOM 1 is surprisingly compact, with dimensions of 1750mm (W) x 1820mm (H) x 870mm (D). This means it will fit into any metrology lab with minimal disruption, allowing you to carry out in-house measurement without external services.

Fast ROI: In addition to low acquisition costs, this low-maintenance system keeps ownership costs to a minimum.

Given these benefits, Petra Schmidt is convinced that “with ZEISS METROTOM 1, we have developed a unique product that makes it so easy for users to benefit from non-destructive inspection. In that sense, it has the potential to make the advantages of computed tomography available to many more customers and, thus, contributing to their success.”

For more information about the ZEISS METROTOM 1, visit the ZEISS website.

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