Alex Britland Celebrates 40 Years with Rosti UK

28th November saw Rosti UK celebrate 40 years of hard work and dedication from someone truly awesome at Rosti UK, Alex Britland, Supply Chain Leader.

As they reflect on four decades of commitment, hard work, and innovation, it’s clear that Alex Britland has not just been a part of their organisation; she has been an integral force shaping the very essence of who they are. In an era where loyalty to a single workplace is increasingly rare, Alex stands as a beacon of steadfastness, demonstrating that true dedication is a rare and invaluable trait.

Alex’s role as Supply Chain Leader is integral to production planning and labour planning at their Stamford Bridge site, managing customer relations with their long-term customers to ensure their logistics work seamlessly with their own production requirements.

Over these 40 years, they have witnessed Rosti UK grow and evolve, and Alex has been an indispensable part of this journey. Her passion, commitment, and ability to adapt to change have contributed to her personal success and left a mark on Rosti’s success story.

“As we raise a toast to the last 40 years, let us not only acknowledge the past but also look forward to the future. May the coming years bring Alex continued success, new challenges, and happiness and joy every day!

On behalf of everyone at Rosti, I personally thank you, Alex, for your dedication, hard work, and the positive impact you’ve had on our organisation. Here’s to 40 years of excellence and many more years of success ahead.”
Jacek Lubowicki, Rosti UK MD.

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