Plastribution Spearheads Supply Chain Resilience Amidst Red Sea Shipping Crisis

Plastribution Spearheads Supply Chain Resilience Amidst Red Sea Shipping Crisis

Amid the escalating Red Sea crisis leading to significant disruptions in global shipping routes, Plastribution, leading distributor of polymers in the UK and Ireland, is well placed to support manufacturers with the challenges posed to the polymer supply chain.

Katherine White, Commercial Director of Plastribution, underscores the company’s commitment to minimising supply disruption despite the current geopolitical tensions. “Plastribution is acutely aware of the challenges our customers are facing due to these unforeseen geopolitical events,” stated White.

However, we are confident we can help to mitigate these disruptions thanks to our strategic foresight in maintaining over 5,000 tonnes of polymer in stock within our UK-based warehouses. Our robust supply chain infrastructure and vast UK stockholding have always enabled us to support British manufacturers reliably during times of turmoil.

The crisis has compelled many shipping providers to avoid the Red Sea region all together. In many cases, these providers have diverted their routes by an extra 11,000 nautical miles around the Cape of Africa to reach European ports, severely impacting the timely and cost-effective transportation of goods. This situation has put immense pressure on supply chains across various industries, with potential repercussions for manufacturers and consumers alike.

“We are continuously monitoring the situation, working closely with our global network of suppliers to ensure minimal disruption to our customers, including utilising the latest technology to track the location of our shipments on the ocean” White added. “Our priority remains to provide consistent polymer supplies to meet the ongoing demands of the UK and Ireland markets.

In another positive for UK manufacturers, Plastribution offer a diverse supplier portfolio encompassing a wide range of materials, from commodity materials through to high-end engineering polymers for more specialist applications in the automotive, electrical and aerospace industry. Combined with deep market insights and logistical expertise, Plastribution are well placed to help customers navigate the complexities of the current crisis effectively.

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