5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Matics at Plastics Live

From July 5th to 6th, Matics will be on-site at the Plastics Live exhibition and conference in the UK. We’ll be providing manufacturers with insight into the unique benefits that Real-time Operational Intelligence solutions can provide.

Here are some of 5 reasons why visiting Matics at Plastics Live could be the beginning of a great opportunity for your plastic manufacturing plant.

1.       You Need a Work Management Tool Designed for Your Shop Floor

Having the right work management tools in place to control and optimize what’s happening on the shop floor is a major component of any digital transformation or transformational excellence program. Manufacturers need tools that enable them to make the most productive use of machine, labor, and material resources.

The Matics Real time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution enables manufacturers to have streamlined access to important management features through a single application. By allowing Matics to consolidate scheduling and workflow management into one solution, manufacturers avoid the inefficiency and potential for mistakes that juggling management functions between multiple solutions can create.

In plastics manufacturing, in particular, Matics makes work management easier by continually aggregating multi source data in real time, analyzing it, and providing contextually relevant decision ready insights when they are needed most.

2.     You Want to Optimize OEE and Know That Real-Time Data Analysis Can Help

Many traditional manufacturers only achieve a fraction of their potential productivity. Matics makes it possible for these manufacturers to optimise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and achieve higher levels of productivity by making better use of existing resources.

The Matics RtOI solution does so by increasing the manufacturer’s ability to leverage real-time production data. Matics collects high-resolution data from every source on the shop floor, including individual machines, sensors, information systems and more. This makes all of that data available in real-time through a single source of truth.

Real-time data analysis provides manufacturers with ongoing opportunities to improve and optimise their production during the shift. Manufacturers receive actionable insights that help them achieve higher OEE and overall productivity.

3.      You Want to Improve Agility and Reduce Response Latency

Many manufacturers have data monitoring solutions, but are limited with what they can do. They have the information, but can’t easily collaborate or take action. They are missing real-time notifications.  They want to improve their agility, and have a clear understanding of how important it is to be able to react quickly to changing conditions. The shop floor is one area in which agility is incredibly important, providing manufacturers with the means to minimise the impact of unexpected events that reduce efficiency and profitability.

Matics helps manufacturers become more agile by reducing response latency on the shop floor. With real-time production data analysis, notifications and the inbuilt logic behind different stakeholder roles, Matics makes it possible to identify changing production conditions more quickly. This eliminates the latency between an event occurring and the response from production teams and management.

Alerts based on KPI thresholds and other important metrics automate the process of discovering production issues. Production teams know immediately when and where an issue occurs, allowing for a much faster response and solution.

This helps improve productivity by reducing wasted resources. Less machine time is wasted on rejected production, and raw material waste is also reduced. Reducing response latency can mean the difference between resolving issues in minutes and resolving them after an entire rejected work order.

4.     You Care About Sustainability and Digitalisation of Waste Management

Sustainability is one of the most important topics in plastics manufacturing today. Developing effective methods for material and energy waste management is essential for manufacturers to implement sustainable policies.

This topic is of particular note during Plastics Live, as the UK plastics manufacturing industry grapples with the new Plastics Packaging Tax. Manufacturers now face increased reporting requirements to demonstrate the use of recycled feedstocks in plastic production. Those who can’t are subject to the same tax requirements as non-recycled plastic production.

Digitalisation with Matics automates the collection and management of the essential production data that manufacturers need to demonstrate sustainability. A reliable, accurate, and complete record of which feedstocks were used in which production lots allows manufacturers to avoid the potential tax consequences of being unable to trace the history of claimed recycled feedstocks.

Matics also enables manufacturers to ensure the success of waste management policies internally. Through both automated production data collection and recipe management, manufacturers can ensure that their recycled content use targets are being implemented accurately and consistently on the shop floor.

5.      You Want to Implement Industry 4.0 Best Practices on Your Shop Floor

Plastics Live will showcase many of the unique ways that the plastics manufacturing industry is implementing Industry 4.0 best practices to achieve greater productivity than ever before. Digitalisation is one of the most important cornerstones of Industry 4.0 and an essential step in bringing Industry 4.0 to your shop floor.

Matics helps manufacturers progress through that Industry 4.0 maturity index, achieving more effective use of modern technologies and enjoying more of the benefits that come with them. Matics provides manufacturers with visibility, transparency, and predictive capabilities. Together, these key criteria enable manufacturers to truly understand their shop floor and continuously improve.

With Matics, plastics manufacturers can accelerate their Industry 4.0 transformation in order to meet the numerous challenges facing their industry and to remain competitive in an evolving field.

Find Out More About Real-time Operational Intelligence With Matics

If you stop by booth C22 at the Plastics Live event July 5th to 6th, you’ll be able to meet Matics representatives and see firsthand how our non-disruptive digitalisation solution can help you digitaliE your shop floor, enhance sustainability practices, and transform your overall productivity. Be sure to check out Zacchary Couldrick’s session on Changing the Way People Work in Factories, July 5th at 3:00 PM in the main exhibition hall where he will provide a closer look at the challenges and solutions transforming the plastic manufacturing industry today.

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