Gunther UK Launch Own Brand Machined Mould Base Business in the UK and Ireland

Gunther UK Launch Own Brand Machined Mould Base Business in the UK and Ireland

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Gunther UK, a leading player in the plastics manufacturing market since 1988, proudly announces the launch of OptiMach, their new, own brand new precision mould bases business in the UK and Ireland. This latest addition to their product line will be available for order starting July 1st, 2024.

Product Details:

OptiMach precision mould bases are engineered to provide high precision, competitive and fast machining of all mould bases, plates, special cores, and sleeves, as well as other mould tool components. These mould bases offer:

  • High precision: for consistent quality across all moulding projects.
  • Checking of customer data: an additional verification step to enhance accuracy and quality
  • Competitive and consistent pricing: keeps mould costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality
  • Fast lead times: with different delivery options OptiMach is able to deliver fully machined mould bases to your data with lead times starting from just 4 weeks

Tailored for Excellence:

Whether dealing with complex components or high-volume production, OptiMach mould bases are tailored to meet the challenges of specific applications. OptiMach are the perfect partners for your successful moulding project.

The primary target audience for OptiMach is toolmakers who require reliable and precise mould bases for their projects. With its unique selling points, which include high precision, fast service with delivery within 4 weeks, and competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Additionally, each order comes with a steel certificate and a CMM report, ensuring the highest standards of reliability and accuracy.

Reiner Heedinaya, CEO of Gunther UK, says, “We are thrilled to launch OptiMach and offer our existing and new clients a premium solution at great prices with all the benefits of professionalism and high levels of customer service that Gunther UK has become known for”

Pricing and Availability:

Gunther UK offers bespoke solutions, working from customers’ colour-coded 3D models or 2D files. All grades of steel are available, including specialist grades, with options for various hardness, nitriding, coating processes, and common surface treatments.

Read more from GÜNTHER here.

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