Ad-Vance and ViperClip Partner Together for a Great British Product

ViperClip, a groundbreaking cable fastening solution, have bridged the gap between engineering and practical application. Ad-Vance Engineering partners with ViperClip to overcome initial cost concerns and fulfil their vision of producing a wholly UK-manufactured product.

ViperClip is a unique and innovative solution for fastening cables to wooden structures. The clips are secured using a battery-powered stapler and are designed to make the process faster, easier and safer for the electrician.

To bring a cable clip product like this to the market, ViperClip had very specific design requirements to ensure a safe installation but also at a price point that confirmed it was affordable to use in volume.

The ViperClip team wanted this product made in the UK but were concerned this wouldn’t be possible due to what they thought would be a higher cost than the Far East.

When they say the ViperClip products are made in the UK, they mean they designed, sourced, manufactured, and assembled the product parts from UK companies only!

The ViperClip team met with Ad-Vance Engineering, shortlisted in the UK Plastics Industry Awards 2023, to discuss product requirements. Managing Director, Roger Vance, developed an innovative tooling solution that would generate parts at the required volume, speed and cost.

Ad -Vance Engineering demonstrated the necessary skills, expertise and the highest level of toolmaking to manufacture parts which worked perfectly-first. Rugby Plastics in Leicester can also take credit as they delivered the injection moulding along with Frank Shaw in Gloucester and Clamason Industries in Kingswinford.

The integrated project team also included QM systems in Kidderminster who designed and built a machine to assemble the Viper clips. Product designers, BigSmall Design from Belfast and RDD+ in York helped bring the concept to life.

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