‘After the Storm’ Collection from Ampacet Captures the Vibrant Shades of Resilience

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, introduces ‘After the Storm’, a collection of vibrant hues reminiscent of the fleeting moments between a storm and rebuilding. 

‘After the Storm’ features a refreshing water droplet effect designed to boost shelf appeal for health and beauty, personal care and home care products.

The collection of colours for blow-moulded PET includes Aporic Purple and BrainFog, reflecting the juxtapositions of an unclear state. Apriori emboldens and strengthens through memories of the past, while NeuroSpark fuels our creativity for the future. CyberLeaf and Hypnautic urge us to embrace new lifestyles for improved mental and environmental health.

For more information on the ‘After the Storm’ masterbatch collection, contact an Ampacet representative or visit Ampacet.com.

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