ALBIS Distributes New Class-Leading Luran® S Products from INEOS Styrolution

ALBIS is expanding its comprehensive portfolio of engineering plastics with two new products from leading global styrenics supplier INEOS Styrolution: Luran® S XA SPF60, a thermoplastic with improved UV resistance and Luran® S MED, a speciality polymer designed for the healthcare sector, are now available throughout the entire EMEA region.

Luran® S, acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA), is a crucial product family at INEOS Styrolution and fulfils the major technical requirements for demanding outdoor applications: superior UV resistance, high surface quality, outstanding colour depth, high impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance, making it ideally suited for the automotive and construction industries in particular.

Taking the UV resistance and surface appearance of Luran® S to the next level, the new SPF60 package combined with Xtra Aesthetics (XA) delivers the full potential of ASA in long-term, outdoor, high-gloss applications – for example, exterior trim and dual-design front grilles in the automotive sector or heat pumps and window spacers in the construction industry.

In a first for the healthcare sector, INEOS Styrolution’s Luran® S MED is a medical-grade plastic well-suited for medical device housings and casings – especially for light colours susceptible to yellowing over long-term exposure to UV light. As the latest addition to the ASA product family, Luran® S MED 797S SPF30 is available in white and natural colour and brings essential medical device properties to the table, demonstrating excellent resistance to cleaning media and disinfectants as well as ensuring high-level protection of devices due to its high impact resistance.

Building on INEOS Styrolution’s impressive ECO product portfolio, Luran® S MED is also available based on 40% renewable content using the ISCC PLUS mass balance certification system. Luran® S ECO MED 797S SPF30 BC40 is a drop-in version, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 52% compared to its fossil-based counterpart – with no difference in performance or regulatory status.

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