Ampacet Launches Hot Glow Masterbatch Collection

Global masterbatch leader Ampacet has introduced the Hot Glow collection, four vibrant, translucent colours for products and packaging that command visual attention.

Established in 1937, Ampacet Corporation is a leading global masterbatch supplier committed to designing innovative custom colours, special effects, high performance and sustainable products and solutions. Ampacet also manufactures a proprietary line of machinery and feeders for the plastic industry aimed to improve efficiencies in plastics manufacturing.

Ampacet’s masterbatch technology brings plastic alive, giving it the right look and function for almost any end-use, including:

  • Food & beverage, household and industrial
  • Cosmetics, hygienic and personal care
  • Agriculture and geo-textiles
  • Consumer goods: toys, garden, leisure and sport
  • Construction, E&E and automotive

Speaking of the new Hot Glow collection, Ampacet Director of Global Insight & Innovation Linda Carroll said: “The fiery energy and movement of the Hot Glow collection bring arresting dynamism to consumer packaging and products.

This collection of visual energy supports the messaging for products with high-alcohol-content applications such as sanitisers, alcohol-infused energy drinks and spirits. Both FDA-approved and non-FDA versions are available in four exciting colours Fuelled Yellow, Orange Oxygen, Green Energy and Red Glow.

For more information on the Hot Glow collection, visit or use the contact details below to get in touch with the Ampacet team.

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01952 581814

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