Ampacet Introduces ProVitalTM+ Permstat, Medical-Grade Permanent Anti-Static Masterbatch

Ampacet, a global masterbatch leader, has introduced ProVitalTM+ Permstat, a non-migratory antistatic masterbatch specifically developed to provide immediate and permanent antistatic properties to polyolefin films used in pharmaceutical processes.

Ampacet ProVital+ Permstat, when used in the external layers of packaging films, creates a dissipative polymeric network within the bulk layer of the film, allowing the electrostatic charges accumulated on the film surface to dissipate throughout the external layer. The antistatic effect is immediate, consistent during the film’s lifetime and lasts as long as the film is in use.

Thanks to its dissipative effect, ProVital+ Permstat efficiently empties powder from packaging materials, preventing some particles from remaining inside the bag due to the static effect. In sealed bags, ProVital+ Permstat eliminates the presence of static powder in the sealing area. ProVital+ Permstat can be incorporated into polyethene cleanroom films, which store and transfer raw materials or active pharmaceutical ingredients used in drug production.

ProVital+ Permstat provides full formulation consistency with a no-change policy for raw materials at the CAS and commercial level, with manufacturing under consistent process parameters and controlled-room production to minimize cross-contamination risks.

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