Arburg Embraces Multi-Themed Event Plastics Live

Arburg will be a major exhibitor at Plastics Live 2022. The company, known as a leading manufacturer of injection moulding machines and robots, will use the event to demonstrate its Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF) additive manufacturing technology, particularly the freeformer 300-3X.

At Plastics Live, taking place from July 5-6 in Coventry, Arburg will demonstrate a high-temperature Ultem 9085 injection mouldable grade polymer, manufacturing a functional part without a mould, illustrating the flexibility of its open system.

Colin Tirel, Managing Director of Arburg UK, said: “Plastics Live is set to be an innovative showwith an interesting format. It encompasses four key areas in which we are actively involved: plastics, additive manufacturing, digitalisation, and sustainability. Many people know us as a leading supplier of injection moulding technologies, but we want to focus on our unique freeformer technology at this show.

At Arburg, we pride ourselves on the wide range of application technologies and support we give our customers. Over the last few years, we have been very successful in working closely to set up mould shops in a number of companies that focused on reshoring.

I believe this will remain a focus for companies and, along with the freeformer, offers excellent opportunities for supply chains to be shortened to reduce unnecessary and costly delays experienced recently due to several factors, which is a key focus in the on-site Plastic Live conference.”

Registration for Plastics Live and its allied events is now openRegister today, and be a part of the future of plastics manufacturing.

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