Vanden Welcomes Stephen Fieldhouse as General Manager

Vanden has appointed plastic industry expert Stephen Fieldhouse as General Manager of its expanding Peterborough facility.

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Vanden Welcome UK Plastics Pact, But Better Design and Labelling is Needed

One of the UK’s leading plastics recyclers has welcomed the UK Plastics Pact for getting major brands to commit to using more recycled content in their packaging.

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Vanden Recycling Takes Quality to the Next Level at PRSE 2018

Quality is key to the successful recovery and use of recyclable plastic. Vanden Recycling UK, a subsidiary of Vanden Global, will demonstrate how it takes quality to the next level at Plastics Recycling Show Europe […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Unrecyclable – What Should We Do About Plastic Packaging?

Many UK consumers have been left frustrated and angry about reports that plastics they’ve sorted for recycling might still end up in landfill, or worse still, be polluting the oceans.

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Vanden Recycling: EU Plastic Waste Strategy Should Be Adopted By UK

Vanden Recycling has welcomed the European Commission’s Plastic Waste Strategy for recognising the continued importance of plastics, as well as focusing on increasing the recycling of it.

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Vanden Recycling Welcome Sensible Government Environment Plan

Leading UK plastics recycler Vanden Recycling has said that the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan has sensible suggestions for developing UK plastics recycling.

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