BEC Group Offers Recycled Plastic Range

BEC Group Offers Recycled Plastic Range

BEC Group are pleased to announce the expansion of their Green Plastics Range to include a variety of up to 100% recycled plastics for the exclusive use of their plastic injection moulding clients. Increasingly, customers are looking for viable recycled options for their projects with reliable supply chains and good pricing – we can now provide great options for that.

Currently, the recycled range comprises HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene, high-impact polystyrene and ABS. We intend to continue to add to the range as new recycled plastics become available – provided they have a high percentage of recycled content and mould well.

Recycled HDPE in the range is one of the most exciting materials BEC can now supply to our customers. Made from recycled fishing nets sourced from the UK’s south coast, much from Brixham harbour in Devon, the HDPE is up to 100% recycled, depending on the formulation. The recycled fishing nets result from the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Ocean Recovery Project’, an ambitious initiative to recover and recycle beach litter into new products.

Once recovered from harbours and beaches on the South Coast, the fishing nets are taken to Millspeed’s processing plant only 150 miles away to be shredded, cleaned, and re-processed into usable HDPE. Once pelletised and delivered to BEC Group the HDPE has travelled only a few hundred miles to be reused and is fully traceable. A full life cycle analysis of the material is available. HDPE is available in black and shades of dark green.

The High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and ABS in the range are supplied from AO’s Fridge and WEEE Recycling initiative. This end-to-end scheme involves recycling old commercial and domestic white goods such as washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers and fridges. When a new item is purchased from AO- the old one can be collected to take part in the scheme. Once collected, goods such as fridges are broken down into each component to be appropriately recycled, cleaned, and sorted to be made into feedstock for brand-new goods. The 100% recycled pellets are available for use in white (HIPS) and dark grey (ABS).

Other recycled plastics in the range include LDPE (in black) sourced from recycled drinks lids and clear or black polypropylene originating from tightly controlled post-consumer waste. Our team has tested all plastics in the range to ensure they mould well and provide the same attributes as their virgin material counterparts. In terms of pricing, the materials come at a similar cost to that of virgin, and sometimes less!  Designers, prospective customers, and those interested in our green range can request sample cards of the bioplastic or recycled plastics range through

We’re so proud to launch the new range of up to 100% recycled plastics. A year ago, we didn’t think it would have been possible to supply our customers with consistently high-quality recycled plastics with reliable feedstocks- but the recycled options available have come on leaps and bounds. We work with brilliant local and national schemes allowing old items and rubbish to be reused in so many exciting products. Get in touch if you’d like to know more or if there’s another recycled plastic not in the range you might want to use for a project.Katie Reed, Marketing Manager at BEC Group.

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