BPF Welcomes Coca-Cola’s Recycling Announcement

The British Plastics Federation welcomes the recent announcement by Coca Cola that it will be increasing targets for recycled content in PET bottles.

In a statement, the BPF commented,

“It is pleasing to see Coca Cola taking leadership on including recycled content.

Reward schemes could play an important role in improving on-the-go recycling. Focusing on containers of up to half a litre, which are more likely to be consumed on the go, is complimentary to the kerbside recycling system.

In terms of litter reduction, plastic bottles and cans are only a small fraction of litter: bottles 2.1% and cans 3.25% (INPEN & Keep Britain Tidy Litter  Composition Survey, 2014) – so it is important that we continue to support innovative campaigns that change behaviour. The plastics industry is committed to changing behaviour and is currently supporting For Fish’s Sake (#FFSLDN), which is run by the environmental charity Hubbub.”

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