It’s a Win-Win: How to Cut Costs When Using Recycled Plastics with Jenco’s Central Blending Systems

Recycling plastics reduces the amount of energy and resources needed to create plastic, including water, petroleum, natural gas, and coal, and it keeps plastics out of landfills.

But for most manufacturers, the most significant reason to use recycled plastics is that it costs less than virgin materials – bringing down the cost of production.

What’s Slowing Us Down? The Challenges of Recycled Plastics

The problem facing manufacturers is that recycled plastic combined with virgin plastic can complicate the production process.

The issue is that the amount of recycled plastic used in a product is not constant; it depends on several different factors, including the grade (i.e., the quality) of the plastic, the type of product being produced, how important the quality is for that particular product, and the type of customer.

As a result, when recycled plastic enters the system, recipes need to be adapted to integrate the recycled material effectively.

For manufacturers working with local batch blending systems rather than centralised batch blending systems, this is a significant challenge that requires adjusting the recipes for each of the systems in the factory.

Local Batch Blending Systems Limit Recipes Adaptation

Local batch blending systems generally are limited in terms of how many types of raw materials can be used. This creates challenges when working with recycled plastics.

Some recycled plastics are of a higher grade, and some are of a lower grade – and the lower-grade plastics are less expensive. Therefore, sometimes it may be beneficial to create a mixture that includes several recycled materials of different grades. However, this frequently is not an option supported by the machinery due to the limited number of raw material options supported by local batch blending systems.

In addition, local batch blending systems require the same recipe used for all production machines serviced by each of the blending systems. It’s not possible to define different recipes for different products..

Learn More about How Jenco Can Help You Increase Your Use of Recycled Plastics

Centralised blending systems offer greater flexibility and efficiency that eliminate many of the problems that come up, when integrated recycled plastics in production.

Using Jenco’s innovative solutions for centralised batch blending, manufacturers can make better use of recycled plastics – thereby cutting down on production costs, and improving the bottom line. For more information, be in touch with us today at: or 01933 235910.

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