Syklo Partners with Impact Recycling (UK) to Build a Plastic Recycling Plant Utilising Ground-Breaking Technology

Syklo Partners with Impact Recycling (UK) to Build a Plastic Recycling Plant Utilising Ground-Breaking Technology

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Circular economy growth company Syklo Ltd. is planning to build the largest plastic recycling plant in Finland and increase the country’s plastic recycling capacity by up to 50%. The plant is one of a kind even on a European scale because of ground-breaking technology that ensures a higher yield and material utilisation rate compared to any other methods. Impact Recycling Ltd in the UK acts as a strategic partner in the project. The plant is due to be commissioned in 2025. 

The plant, which is to be built in Hyvinkää, Finland, will utilise Impact Recycling’s ground-breaking BOSS technology from the UK to separate different plastic types from post-consumer mixed waste plastic streams into high-quality and recyclable products with an exceptionally high yield. The plant’s production capacity is projected to be 50,000 tonnes annually, with advanced capabilities to extract and recycle plastics from waste streams that would typically be destined for incineration under current practices. Recyclable plastics include mixed hard plastics, mixed plastic films from trade and industry, and mixed plastic streams separated from waste sorting facilities.

We are very proud to launch a project that will revolutionise the circular economy market in Europe. It is an enormous problem for both the environment and the economy that our consumption still relies on the use of virgin raw materials. This plant will increase Finland’s recycling rate of plastic packaging by up to 20%. The scale of the project is significant as we plan to expand our operations to other Nordic countries, the Baltics, and the rest of Europe,” says Teemu Koskela, the CEO of Syklo.

State-of-the-art technology ensuring higher yield and superior quality

Impact Recycling, Syklo’s strategic partner, brings forth two patented technologies integral to the recycling process: BOSS & PRE. The Baffled Oscillaton Separation System (BOSS) enables the separation of plastic types with very small density differences, overcoming current challenges in recycling mixed post-consumer plastics.

In addition, the PRE additive technology produces a final product with a specific Melt Flow Rate (MFR) and colour, a grade that is a superior quality compared to any alternatives in the market. The final product of the recycling process is recycled plastic granules, that are used as raw material for high value consumer grade plastic products.

We are thrilled to be internationalising our ground-breaking plastic recycling technology, which has already proved its effectiveness in the UK. Syklo’s team has demonstrated compelling expertise in the area of circular economy right from the start and we are excited to be working with a future European leader in the field. With our strategic partnership and patented technologies, we believe we can revolutionise the recycling industry and encourage Europe towards a genuine, sustainable and nature positive circular economy,” says David Walsh the CEO of Impact Recycling.

Syklo’s planned facility will employ advanced water management practices, where the wastewater will be distilled and reused in the recycling process. The sludge containing microplastics will be dried, preventing the release of any microplastics into water bodies. Our new facility enables the recycling of plastics 20 per cent more efficiently compared to current plastic recycling methods. This is a huge step forward to the whole circular economy sector. Together with Impact Recycling, we are proud to push the industry to a new, more sustainable level,” says Koskela.

Syklo’s goal is to become a major player in the circular economy sector, pioneering the renewal of the circular economy market by addressing challenges, providing innovative solutions, and steering the narrative in the sector towards a more sustainable future.

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