CyTec Develops New Pneumatic Locking Cylinder

CyTec Systems has developed a new pneumatic locking cylinder offering pre-load, mainly for use in cleanrooms and on all-electric machines.

CyTec Systems has been producing pneumatic locking cylinders for over 25 years. These have been used extensively in packaging machines, where a pneumatic cylinder must be locked in the end position to hold a force. The hydraulic version of the locking cylinder is found in many applications for injection mould tools, where side cores have to be held in place without the use of heel blocks or angle pins.

The hydraulic version has generally been preferred over the pneumatic version, as the cylinder often required pre-load and high retraction force to improve the core.

With the move away from hydraulics in cleanrooms, together with the introduction and growth of all-electric machines, CyTec recognised a requirement for an alternative method of locking cores in place. As a result, they have developed a new pneumatic locking cylinder, which offers pre-load. By introducing a larger piston around the standard piston size, CyTec can improve the retraction force for a percentage of the total stroke.

The company are keen to hear from toolmakers and medical moulders about their requirements so they can tailor a range of cylinders to suit their applications. Get in touch with them via their website.

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