CyTec Systems UK: Distributors for Ermanno Balzi

CyTec Systems is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders to the mould and die industry. Its product range covers both the CyTec and AHP Merkle range of hydraulic cylinders, and in 2016 CyTec was appointed UK agent for the Ermanno Balzi product range.

CyTec Systems UK Limited was appointed as distributor for Ermanno Balzi products in the UK and Ireland in 2016. Ermanno Balzi, based in Brescia, Italy, design manufacture and distribute innovative components and accessories worldwide for the construction of moulds for plastic material injection. 

Ermanno Balzi’s range includes maintenance and test equipment for injection moulds. The latest products from this range, available from CyTec Systems UK, are highlighted below:

CPR Cooling Test Station

CPR cooling test station

The CPR cooling test station unit is an easy and effective tool to check the cooling circuits on moulds and comes with four different flow rates.

CPR has a flow rate of 7.5 L/min. With the largest being the CPR H20 C60 P25 with a flow rate of 25 L/min. The middle of the range units are also available with digital flow meters.

CPC Hydraulic Cylinder Test Station

Hydraulic cylinder test station

Also in the Ermanno Balzi range is the useful CPC hydraulic cylinder test station. The CPC test station is useful equipment for testing the proper operation of hydraulic cylinders. These units are available with different flow rates and maximum working pressure. They can also be supplied with larger tanks if required.

Four sizes are available in the range. CPC has a flow rate of 5 L/min with a max pressure of 150 bar and comes with a 30L tank and CPC P200 PO15 the largest unit has a flow rate of 15 L/min with a max pressure of 200 bar and comes with a 50 L tank.

Descaling Circuit Test Station

Descaling circuit test station

This test station has been designed to remove limescale deposits from water circuits in moulds. During the moulding process, these kinds of deposits settle and can obstruct the water flow, limiting the mould’s cooling efficacy.

One millimetre of limestone deposit insulates as much as 10 mm of steel, meaning that thermoregulating a mould with limestone deposits in the circuit affects the performance as much as shifting channels several millimetres from the moulding surface.

The descaling test station comes in two sizes depending on flow rate and tank capacity. CDC has a flow rate of 6 L/min with a 25 L tank, and the larger unit in the range, CDC C120-P100, comes with 45 L/min and 120 L tank.

Please contact CyTec Systems UK for further information on Ermanno Balzi products using the details below, or visit the company website.

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