Detectable Products Go from Strength to Strength as Viomes & Scopic’s Partnership Grows

Detectable additive experts, Scopic, have been working closely with Viomes over the past three years to develop metal detectable masterbatches for use in food contact applications, including injection moulded products such as polypropylene saucers and trays.

Viomes was founded in 1982, and over the years, has become one of the largest companies in the field of production and marketing of plastic products in the Greek market. Viomes’ sales network is expanding globally to include large supermarket chains, DIY and garden centres, as well as wholesalers and representatives in many countries.

The metal detectable additives produced by Scopic enable both companies to continue developing innovative products that add a point of difference to the finished article. All standard Scopic grade masterbatches are also available with Food Contact declarations, which is great news for manufacturers such as Viomes needing to supply Food Contact Approved end products.

Scopic looks forward to their continued partnership with Viomes and is very excited at the possibilities going forward.

Eleni Spilianaki, Managing Director for Viomes, commented: “Viomes has been searching for a detectable material in order to satisfy a customers’ need. Scopic has been spotted while searching the internet, and the cooperation has been excellent.

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