Drawer Filter Magnets Destined for France

Bunting has completed the manufacturing of twenty-four Drawer Filter Magnets for removing metal from plastics, destined for use in a plastic product manufacturing operation in France.

Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators for the plastic and plastic recycling industries. Bunting’s European manufacturing facilities are in Redditch, just outside Birmingham, and Berkhamsted, both in the United Kingdom.

BMS, Bunting’s representative in France, secured the order for the Drawer Filter Magnets. BMS specialises in providing technical support and process solution to the plastics sector.

Bunting originally designed the Drawer Magnets specifically for use in the plastics industry.  In operation, plastic beads or granules flow, under gravity, into the body of the Drawer Filter Magnet, which has one or two banks of high-strength Neodymium rare-earth tube magnets.  The strong magnetic field of the tube magnets attracts any ferrous metal contamination and holds it securely on the surface of the tube magnets.  Periodically, operators remove the tube magnets from the housing for cleaning and disposal of the captured ferrous metal contamination.

Bunting BPI
A Low Profile Drawer Filter Magnet in operation

Metal contamination is introduced at various stages within a plastics manufacturing process including equipment wear or breakdown.  Such metal causes serious and costly damage to injection and blow moulding machines, as well as affecting the quality of the finished product.  The Drawer Filter Magnet also removes problematic ferrous metal contamination from shredded or granulated plastic waste.

In the French plastic product manufacturing plant, space limitations resulted in the recommendation of the model LP-1600-PL Drawer Filter Magnet, a low-profile version with one single bank of three high-strength Neodymium rare-earth tube magnets.  The housing is 180mm high with a square feed opening of 150mm.  Top and bottom 6.35mm thick flanges enable easy installation.  A 9.5mm thick clear polycarbonate removable side allows the visible checking of captured ferrous metal contamination without opening the main body of the Drawer Filter.

Bunting provides a wide range of metal contamination solutions for the plastics and plastic recycling industries.  These include an extensive range of magnetic separators, metal detectors and eddy current separators.

For further information, please contact us on press@buntingeurope.com or visit our website www.mastermagnets.com

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