ENGEL Austria Donates €100,000 to Ukraine

In response to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, ENGEL has launched several aid campaigns at its plants in Austria and many of its subsidiaries elsewhere. ENGEL Austria has donated €100,000 to charities supporting Ukraine, while ENGEL Deutschland has collected €25,000 for the Ukrainian Parish in Hannover.

We are overwhelmed and proud of how spontaneously so many employees are getting involved and how customers and partners are also supporting our initiatives,” says Stefan Engleder, CEO of the ENGEL Group. With its nine production plants worldwide and more than 30 subsidiaries – including one in Kyiv – the ENGEL Group has an international presence.

ENGEL Austria has transferred €100,000 in immediate aid to the organisations Médecins sans Frontières (MFS), Nachbar in Not (Neighbours in Need) and the Red Cross. ENGEL Deutschland has collected €25,000 for the Ukrainian Parish in Hannover within a 24-hour period, and the donations are still coming in. The parish’s network ensures that the money will reach the intended recipients immediately and directly.

The Eastern European subsidiaries are also showing huge personal commitment with employees taking care of refugees. At the production plant in Kaplice in the Czech Republic, for example, where ENGEL employs some 100 people from Ukraine, apartments have been provided for relatives.

“We are doing whatever is currently in our power to help people. ENGEL is a family business and also a large global family. This is something we are experiencing very strongly right now,” continues Stefan.

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