ENGEL Hosting Digital Days in June 2024

ENGEL Hosting Digital Days in June 2024

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Digitalisation has been an integral part of the ENGEL portfolio strategy for many years. A wide selection of digital products inside the machine and on a flexible online production portal are already providing benefits to users in terms of costs, quality and energy consumption.

Beyond optimising production, digital solutions help ENGEL customers to compensate for the shortage of skilled staff. Customers can look forward to deep insights from 18 to 20 June in Schwertberg and St. Valentin during the ENGEL Digital Days.

ENGEL pioneers the development and application of digital products in the injection moulding industry. Hannes Zach, Sales Manager for Digital Solutions at ENGEL, emphasises the importance of the event: “In an age in which digitalisation is making unstoppable inroads, we offer concrete responses to burning issues in the industry. We are discussing how to get started with digitalisation in a successful way, the strategies that can be developed for implementation in your own company and the central role that artificial intelligence will play in the future”.

Above all, participants can benefit from the experience gained and lessons learned from projects which have already been implemented in companies, in particular through specific use cases.

ENGEL customers provide concrete use cases from daily practice

Spread over three days, the programme offers a versatile mix of theoretical insights and hands-on applications. Giving the customer a voice is an essential part of the Digital Days, with plastics processors who have successfully implemented digital solutions in their production reporting on their experiences at first-hand. The aim of this exchange is to make the digital production universe tangible and understandable for all participants.

“It is important for us to convey the fact that digitalisation offers added value for any company,” as Hannes Zach, Sales Manager for Digital Solutions at ENGEL points out. Customer use cases are being aired on 19 June in combination with technical presentations and workshops.

Five selected stations at the St. Valentin plant give visitors insights into the practical benefits offered by ENGEL solutions in areas such as sample inspection, production, and maintenance.

An iQ User Community is taking place on both the opening and closing day of the event series. It specifically targets the practical needs of process technicians and machine operators. The iQ User Community for German speaking visitors is available on 18 June, while the same format is available for English speaking attendees on 20th.

“We are firmly convinced of our ability to offer every single participant from the plastics processing industry new impulses on these three days”, as Hannes Zach is happy to announce.

Use the following link to discover more information and details of the programme: Digi Days 2024 (engelglobal.com)

Read more news about ENGEL here.

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